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Introducing the Anti-Ageing Silk Eye Mask

After the success of our Anti-Ageing Silk Pillow Cases and legendary Lavender Eye Masks we are excited to announce the launch of our Anti-Ageing Silk Eye Mask. Stress relieving, and perfect for insomniacs. This ultimate therapeutic Anti Ageing Silk Eye Mask is made from, and lined in, super lustrous and soft 100% satin silk. Hypoallergenic and so smooth it can help to slow down the onset of wrinkles and facial lines as you sleep. Available fragranced or unfragranced. 

The Sunday Times Travel Magazine March 2015

Eyes Wide Shut

Recede behind these silky eye-masks to escape darting cabin crew and chatty seat-mates. Padded with lavender to help you snooze, they're in it for the long-haul ( £46)

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This year Holistic Silk celebrates fifteen years and we are busy working on numerous exciting projects. We have a Spring Pinterest competition that we will disclose the details for shortly, the winner will be rewarded with a set of HS essential products. Also at HS HQ we have been working on a new product which we cannot wait to hear your feedback on once it launches. Due to our relocation we have access to files that had been previously held in storage. So over the coming months we will be sharing images from our vast archives. Watch this holistic space !

Vogue India April 2015

Journey of a thousand miles.

Travelling to connect with your higher self is a worthy goal, but the trick lies in finding your calm centre at the beginning of your journey. En Route Rejuvenators. Try these new-generation hydrators that let your skin drink deep. Shut out the world with the Lavender Eye Mask from Holistic Silk.