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Why you need an Eye Mask
By Holistic Silk founder Joanna Weakley:

"More and more bedrooms are filled with led light and bleeping gadgets, not mine, banish them! Daily exposure to these artifical lights are affecting our ability to produce melatonin, which is required for the body to keep our sleep wake cycle in check, so we rest efficiently. Sleeping in complete darkness allows blood pressure and glucose levels to drop and melatonin to be produced, which enables the body to drift into restful undisturbed sleep."

Instyle Germany April 2016

Dream Beautiful

"The Eye Mask is too good to just wear at home, it's filled with lavender and smells so beautiful and relaxing. Perfect for the next long haul flight."

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Charlotte Crowther Recommends


Learn to be Well founder, qualified Grinberg Method and Reflexologist Charlotte Crowther on why she recommends our Massaging Slippers:

"I am happy to recommend Holistic Silk Massaging Slippers. They are a quality heath care, foot care, wellbeing and personal development product that can support people from all walks of life in their needs and journey." For more in depth details please contact us.

Get the Gloss

Best Things I've Learned

Holistic Silk creator, Joanna Weakley talks to Get the Gloss about what she has learned during her career, from switching off to workplace ethics. Most importantly she talks about the importance of keeping your bedroom a gadget free zone.

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