Janette Watts - Pure Mulberry Silk Face Covering

Best Masks Ever!  Love the face masks.  Washable.  Silk so no reaction on face.  Look amazing and safe with replaceable filters.

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Anti Ageing Pillowcase

Excellent customer service and quality products - I can honestly recommend Holistic Silk to anyone thinking of buying beautiful, unusual, quality products. From start to finish you can expect and receive excellent service as I have done and therefore would not hesitate to buy from Holistic Silk in the future.

Satisfied Customer - Massaging Slippers

I love the slippers, this is literally my third pair now.  Will be purchasing more products in future.  Thank you.

Trusted Customer - Chi Gemstone Facial Roller

Delivered very fast.  Quality products.  Helps firm older skin.  Rejuvenating.

Trusted Customer - Limited Edition Lavender Eye Mask

I am so pleased with my purchase and the quality of the items. I will definitely be shopping with you again in the future and have recommended Holistic Silk to my friends and family.

Trusted Customer - Silk Velvet Lavender Eye Mask

The mask is wonderful. I was planning to use it in the plane/ hotels only but I'm now using it at home also.

Ken Owen - Pure Mulberry Silk Face Covering

Far more comfortable than any other mask we've used.  Contacted Holistic Silk by email with an initial enquiry to which they responded the same day.  The response was detailed and personal.  Consequently, I am the extremely satisfied owner of 4 masks. Two for myself and two for my wife, whose is also looking at more designs and colours.

Trusted Customer - Face Covering Chain

Cute - a lovely addition to the Pure Mulberry Silk Face Covering.  Absolutely lovely company and products.

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Hair Turban

Great for curly hair protection.  Beautifully made silk turban that protects my curly hair when I sleep and stays on all night.  Quick delivery, beautifully packed

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Face Covering

Perfect! Comfortable, lovely designs and a delight to wear. Beautiful fabric and designs, prompt and efficient delivery - I have been a customer for over 16 years and love all their products.

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Face Covering

Great material and manufacturing quality and well presented.  A very good experience from finding what I wanted, ordering and timely delivery.

Trusted Customer - Silk Velvet Comfort Set

Efficient service.  Fabulous products.  Pure Luxury.  High Standard of manufacture.  A pleasure to use.

Trusted Customer - Silk Velvet Lavender Eye Mask

This is my 3rd eye mask from Holistic Silk.  I can’t live without one.  Great product and fantastic customer service.

Trusted Customer - Silk Velvet Hot Water Bottle

Once started you’ll want them in all colours.  Just can’t go back to life without this Hot Water Bottle.  Never again.

Trusted Customer - Lavender Make Up Bag

This is the second time I have bought a Silk Make Up Bag from this company and would highly recommend them. The item is beautiful.

Ria Agarwal - Relaxation Set

Beautiful products that keep their smell.  Slippers took a little getting used to but now I love them and I think they are good for my achey feet!

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Face Covering

It’s soft, beautiful and I like the pattern.  I also like the filter it comes with.  Great product.

Trusted Customer - One Strap Lavender Eye Mask

Have bought 8 Eye Masks in the last couple of years. To start with I was looking for something natural to strengthen our quality of sleep. My husband wears it every night all year round. And we have the most wonderful routine at night, where he cuddles up with his mask on and falls asleep, while I read my book. That wouldn't be possible without his mask. We have also bought them as Christmas presents.  We are so grateful.  Always great service.  Buying from Denmark is no problem.

Lucy Pointon - Pure Mulberry Silk Lavender Eye Mask

Beautiful eye mask, gorgeous print. Really quick delivery and customer service. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Would recommend that anyone looking for a quality eye mask to help with sleep should check these out.

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Best purchase of the month!  Feels like the silk gets softer after each wash.  I refuse to use any other pillowcase now - definitely will be back for more :)

Ali Richard - Massaging Slippers

I just wanted to say my new slippers arrived about 15 minutes ago.  I tried them on and I don’t think I’m ever taking them off - EVER !!  

These are brilliant, so much better than the elasticated version. 

Thank you (a) for the new design and (b) for your amazing customer service. 

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Face Covering

Beautiful face mask which arrived in quick time, nicely packaged.  Excellent quality and value for money especially when these masks have to be worn regularly.

Trusted Customer - Silk Velvet Lavender Eye Mask

Beautiful sleep masks.  This is a fantastic company with beautiful products. My sleep has become so much better after using one of their masks!  Gorgeous eye masks that dramatically improve sleep!

Trusted Customer - Massaging Slippers

Beautiful shoes.  Excellent quality and received them the following day.  I love these home shoes - they look so elegant!

Trusted Customer - Pure Silk Face Covering

Great find!  Beautiful face covering.  Feels lovely on skin.  Just what l was looking for.  Breathable.  Nice selection of patterns.  Quick delivery.  Good website and communication.  Nicely packaged.

Marie Lambrecht - Face Covering Chain

Looks so pretty whilst keeping track of my face covering. Love it!  Beautiful products and such a great quality.  A perfect mix.  I’m delighted with my purchase.

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

I had never thought how much my sleeping routine would change by using my eye mask. What's more, I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity and pure mulberry silk is extraordinary for me.  

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Hair Turban

Helpful Holistic Silk - Beautiful products, excellent service.  

My daughter was delighted with her beautiful pink turban.  It helps to keep her curls in place and prolongs the life of a blow dry.  Fantastic service and highly recommended products.

Ghazaleh Mahdavi-Far - Yoga Rug Mat

I can recommend this beautiful piece.  Great service and I love my yoga mat🙏🏼 Thank u Holistic Silk.

Matthew Clisby - Massaging Slippers

From start to finish the customer service team were by far the best I’ve had the pleasure to deal with in years.  The slippers I purchased were to replace a pair I previously bought which have lasted for approximately 15 years.   Made well and very comfortable around the home.  True value for money and made to last.  Five star shop and service in every way possible. 

Serena Gelb - Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

I love Holistic Silk and have purchased from them time and time again! This is my first time buying the sleep mask that is pure silk on both sides and it is a dream. The soothing lavender helps me sleep and I love the size of the mask because it really blocks out light. I was apprehensive about the ties but I love how adjustable it is and not uncomfortable at all.

Mercedes Martinez - Lavender Eye Mask

The F*#!*ing Best.  These eyes masks are the best in the world. Coverage, comfort, exquisite lavender scent. Just thinking about them makes me want to jump into bed. Make sleep luxurious again!

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Liberty Print Eye Mask

Gorgeous fabric, beautiful design and wonderfully made. The addition of lavender really is lovely and very soothing.  It’s the second one I’ve bought. Once again excellent service and delivered super fast.

Marie Christine Vertriest - Yoga Rug Mat

Beautiful Yoga Mat, also the bag and strap in which the mat is packed, is so beautiful, It is seen that for Holistic Silk the whole is important. It is already a ritual to unpack that beautiful Mat and also to pack it back after the session, so relaxing. And then the Mat itself, in one word blissful, soft, wonderfully smelling, you are completely absorbed in it. Magnificent. A bit more expensive, which is why I had a long time to buy but definitely worth it".

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Lavender Eye Mask

I sleep with it every night!  It is wonderfully luxurious and calming with the smell of lavender! I would buy it over and over again.  My package got delivered without any problems. I can definitely recommend it.

Anja Meder - Yoga Rug Mat

Super relaxing and very good quality - it's a joy to relax on the mat - and the lavender smell is amazing.  I love it and it makes me feel so comfortable and relaxed.  Also the Service (as I was asking some questions upfront) was great, and the shipment was processed quickly.

Lesley Eadington - Silk Velvet Lavender Eye Mask

The quality of my face mask is fantastic, so soft and total blackout. Really fast delivery once I placed my order.  

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

The eye mask is stunning. Beautiful silk and gorgeous design.....love it. Having the lavender enclosed is wonderful. Really comfortable to wear.

Trusted Customer - Limited Edition Lavender Eye Mask

Very good quality product. I really do not regret my purchase and I strongly encourage the purchase of a Holistic mask! 

Natasha Knight - Yoga Rug Mat

Great product haven’t stopped using it.  Faultless five star customer service.

Marija Magdalena Kostovska - Pure Mulberry Silk Lavender Eye Mask

I would totally buy again! I must say your Eye Mask didn't disappoint. Awesome, quality and design. The shipping was fast. Thank you very much! 

Trusted Customer - Lavender Eye Mask

I want everything!  Great products and speedy service.

Anna Annenkoff

The Silk Velvet Hot Water Bottle is perfect for winters night.  The Golden colour is just magnificent.

My Pure Silk Scrunchie fits very well in my curly hair.  I love it.

Chrissy Robinson - Yoga Rug Mat

My Yoga Rug Mat nursed me back from some very bad leg injuries and I don’t know what I’d have done without it! 

I was actually told I probably wouldn’t be able to bend my legs properly again but I eventually managed full recovery using my rug mat daily - I have to say it was such a comfort with the softness and the soothing lavender when in pain, so it really did provide me with the very best therapy and played a huge part in getting me back on track, thank you! 

Happy Customer - Yoga Rug Mat

Thank you so much for all your help during the process of getting this ordered.  I absolutely love it and it is just as I expected plus more.  Definitely motivates me to maintain my yoga practice every single morning.  The smell is glorious and the mat is super luxurious. 

Definitely something special and worth every penny. 

C King - Classic Lavender Eye Mask & Silk Face Covering

Great service from start to finish, quick delivery service. Products are amazing.  Lovely Eye Mask that smells amazing plus Face Covering has an awesome feeling against the skin.

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

All-round superior silk mask perfect for sleeping, relaxing and meditating.
Plus exceptional customer service.

I have been using a Holistic Silk ‘Pure Mulberry Silk Lavender Eye Mask’ for a few weeks now and the quality of my sleep has improved a great deal.
The lavender scent is strong enough to relax the senses but light enough that you can become accustomed to it quickly and start reaping the benefits.
The form of the mask is such that unlike regular silk masks that can prove uncomfortable in practice, any pressure on the eyes is reduced to a bare minimum here. The mask’s dimensions, ribbon tie, and tailored form also mean it stays in place - avoiding that uncomfortable sliding feeling.
The silk is beautifully printed and the colours gorgeous, and the silky touch of the material is undiminished after a gentle machine wash and dried in good time.
It really is a pleasure to put it on each evening at bed time, knowing that a feeling of wellness and relaxation await me. An all-round superior silk mask perfect for sleeping, relaxing and meditating!
The company’s customer service is also exceptional. Despite circumstances out of their control, they handled a delay to my order with kindness and assured me it would be resolved. And so it was!

Maria - Pure Silk Face Covering

I’ve purchased a few silk pollution masks from Holistic Silk now and they are wonderful.  Very light on the face (I’ve walked out of shops with one still on and forgot I was wearing it) and caring on the skin too. They come with two filters which makes it better too and replacements can be easily purchased. Definitely worth the buy.

Trusted Customer - Silk Velvet Eye Mask

Luxury and well packaged.  At one time I needed to speak to a person and the lady I spoke to was so nice and helpful and friendly.

Trusted Customer - Pure Silk Face Covering

I would recommend Holistic Silk for the beauty and luxury of their products. The nicest face mask so far!

Diana Itu

Amazing products and excellent service. I fully recommend!  I especially love their sleep masks which I use constantly for many years.

Trusted Customer

Silk Velvet Lavender Eye Mask - Their eye masks are far superior to anything else on the market.  Prompt delivery and easy ordering process with lots of choice.

Margaret Frame

The Silk Pollution Mask is a great fit.  Lovely and soft, so very comfortable to wear.  Added bonus of the filter.  It's the mask I wear all of the time.  Washes well too.  Would definitely recommend and buy again.

Marie Haynes-Perks

Wonderful Silks.  Fantastic service.  Will definitely buy from them again.  Love the Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Masks (very relaxing) and the Silk Anti Pollution Masks are superb.

Emma Sheldon MBE

The Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask is a lovely product and I enjoy wearing this to sleep.  Has quickly become part of a good sleep routine - recommended.

Nathalie Vernet-Kazemi

Limited Edition Eye Mask - The item is beautiful, perfect quality as usual ...

Kristina Tiutiunik

I've been using my Silk Moisturising Gloves for two weeks, the effect is amazing!

Jenny Wilson

The quality is second to none.  Love, love, love my yoga mat. It makes my yoga practice even more special. Thank you!

Jessica O'Hara

I purchased a few items from Holistic Silk - Eye Mask, Pillowcase, Pollution Mask and Silk Gloves - and they are all gorgeous....each item came beautifully wrapped and exactly as described online.  They are excellent quality and I am very happy.

Elena Spoldi

My Silk Anti Pollution Mask adheres perfectly to the chin and the silk is beautiful.  When I wear it I receive many compliments.  Everyone says that it is very beautiful and well made.

Dina Maktabi - Founder of Kensington Mums

The Massaging Slippers are great, stylish and most of all comfortable.  Working from home it soothes my entire body and the magnets aid pain relief.

Anita - Yoga Bear

Just to say, the mat has arrived and it is absolutely beautiful.  I love the snake pattern and I like that the fleece is not pure white.  The braided straps are gorgeous.  The minute I unwrapped it the lavender smell hit me.  It looks too nice to lay on.  The way it is made is second to non - just the same as the way everything is made from you.  I cannot wait to get on it now.  Thank you so much.

Lisa, Island Yoga, Fuerteventura

I have the Yoga Rug Mat and I absolutely love it.  The quality is amazing and it looks so beautiful.

It’s perfect for my yin yoga practice as well as for any other kind of gentle practice.  It just gives the right amount of cushion and the smell of lavender is so calming.

I am very happy with it and can highly recommend this mat.


I usually drink 4 litres of Diet Coke a day and have done since I was a child.....now totally replaced by cold water from my beautiful Harmony Gem Water Bottle.  I was anticipating caffeine withdrawal headaches s and I’ve had nothing......it has to be the benefits of the crystals! I can’t quite believe it!  I love my new bottle and am proud to no longer buy bottled water.


Martin - Om Yoga Magazine

The Yoga Mat is wonderful.  The lavender smell the mat emits is very relaxing and makes any yoga session a dream…and the fleecy side of the mat makes it hard not to drift off to sleep!  The packaging was also beautiful - so thank you.


Easy to shop, fast delivery and a wonderfully nice eye mask.  I have over the years bought several and will continue to buy eye masks from Holistic Silk.

Rhik Samadder

That's a wonderful sleep mask you make.  Silken and huge and luxe.  Has joined my top tier of sleep masks immediately!

Rhik Samadder, Actor and Guardian Columnist


The Austrian Salt Soap has been a huge revelation for me.  My skin is super sensitive and I really struggle with other soaps/body washes,  This Salt Soap left my skin feeling amazing - so soft and nourished.  I won't go back now. 

It really is heaven in a soap bar.

Nico Mead - Owner of 'Pencarrow Events' and some extremely soft skin!


I wanted to thank you for my wonderful eye mask and eye pillow.

I gave the eye mask to my partner who’s a night worker. Since using the eye mask he’s found he’s able to sleep so much better in the day as it blocks out all the daylight.

The beautiful aroma of lavender is very soothing. Just scrunch it gently to activate the scent.

I use the eye pillow when I’m resting. I use a computer all day and with screen time, I suffer from eye strain. 10 minutes resting with my eye pillow has made a huge difference.

If you’re thinking of buying someone, especially a night worker, a thoughtful gift. Look no further. Beautifully packaged and presented.

Su H

I've received your silk mask as a birthday gift and have the following thoughts about your product.

Product appearance : the mask is made of silk with a velvety back. The velvet has a cushioning effect on sensitive eyes(after long periods of staring at a computer this is a common occurrence). However, the silk is not completely smooth which is a sign of true silk instead of the traction-less surface found in polyester dupes. I also love the mint colour of the mask.

The mask is large enough to completely envelope the eyes, however I wish the back ties were made with an adjuster (like those found in underwear).

Function : This is my favourite part : the softly subtle but lingering scent. Sometimes the scent goes off, in which case I rub the mask and try to squeeze the contents to release some of the fragrance.

Overall, the scent and the cushioning effect and size of the mask makes me a very happy owner of a holistic silk product 😊

Thank You.



Holistic Silk is one of those companies that will be a ‘forever’ love for me. Their products are so incredibly beautiful.

I cannot tell you how many times I have recommended them. The eye mask is a firm favourite. I use it every day and if I’m travelling it’s always the first thing I pack.

The ladies are lovely to deal with, so sweet and helpful. I honestly can not recommend enough.  Huge love xx


I was given a pair of the beautiful silk massage slippers as a present.  They are amazing, especially after a long day on your feet at work!!!

I have now bought these for two recent birthday gifts and the recipients were both highly delighted. Next I would like to treat myself to one of the eye masks which I have heard amazing things about!


Such a beautiful product! I've always used a silk eye mask but found with some light creeps in and I end up with creases on my face. 

Holistic Silks masks are great as they block all light, stay put and are super soft so I can rest easy. 

And I don't even have to use an additional essential oil of lavender on my pillow as they have actual lavender in the mask - perfect.


I've coveted  one of your EYE MASKS after being introduced through Lisa Eldridge’s videos and debated for years whether it was worth the price… they are.  It’s truly beautiful.  The Saxby Liberty print is gorgeous and rather decadent. And I loved how the eye mask was wrapped when it arrived! 

I’m very much impressed with the SWISS PINE POUCH. I’ve had a super stressful day but it’s really helped me to remain centred and focused on my wellbeing in amidst lots of chaos!

I also used to burn NAG CHAMPA years ago so it’s nice to burn the legitimate familiar scent again.  

Thank you so much.

Kirsty M

I got a cheap eye mask from a high street shop late last year but after a few weeks it started to make my eyes itch because of the inferior material it was made from. I was then given a Holistic Silk eye mask and absolutely love it. It is lovely and soft on my eyes and totally covers them keeping any light out and the lavender isn't too overpowering just strong enough for me to smell it as I'm drifting off. All in all I can definitely say my quality of sleep is much better since I've had my Holistic Silk eye mask

Maria C

I’m often complimented on my treatment room footwear and find my silk slippers from Holistic Silk are magical because they have magnetic insoles to stimulate the pressure points on the feet. Who wouldn’t want ongoing reflexology treatment while they work? I can vouch for the fact that when my red pair finally wore out I really noticed the difference ... my feet and legs felt much lighter when wearing them. So I ordered a new lilac pair ... they arrived so beautifully packed and I love the companies holistic concept. Worth every penny.


This is NOT a standard Hot Water bottle- the neck is wide, it’s easy to fill, it’s much bigger and literally stays warm ALL night, I go to bed with it hot and it’s still warm in the morning for my toes before I have to get out of bed!!!

Normal exquisite Holistic Silk quality- I’m literally carrying around with me- bed- sofa- work-car (I don’t have heated seats and this is a god send while waiting for car to defrost). Silly to get so excited about a hot water bottle but when you own one you’ll understand!!


Just to let you know that my lovely new yoga mat has arrived today - I'm so pleased with it.  I did worry about spending so much money, but decided that it would support a quiet practice very well, and so would be worth the investment. 

Everything about it speaks of comfort and nurturing, as well as a touch of luxury - which I definitely deserve.  I look forward to my future practice with my new mat.



I bought the 'Khaki Paisley One Strap Eye Mask' as a gift for my husband.  He swears by Holistic Silk Eye Masks and as someone who's been using them for years, he knows a thing or two about how effective they are as an aid to sound sleep.  As always, his new Eye Mask didn't disappoint.

The Khaki Paisley needle cord fabric was a good choice and the design of the Eye Mask is perfect - it's comfortable but snug and blocks out all annoying light. 

All in all, he's made up with his new eye mask and loves his lavender-scented Zzzs. 

Marie B

The products from Holistic silk are pure luxury. I buy just for myself, the prices are reasonable & the quality of each buy is 100%. I bought the silk pillowcase & the massaging slippers so I feel like I got a double treat.

The silk pillowcase with it's little lavender pouch is perfect for going to sleep with, the feel of the silk & smell of the lavender is pure bliss for night time..

The slippers look beautiful & the massage pieces really do work, but in a gentle way.

Maybe next time I will buy for someone else, the're the perfect gift.

Sarah H

I was suffering with insomnia and migraine, which was a long term problem as I had worked shift work for many years. (I was a Nurse) I was amazed by the difference the mask made instantly, the subtle Lavender smell, the comfort of the velvet, the ability to completely block light out when needed, which is so important when suffering photophobia associated with migraine.  I have used my masks every night since purchased and they have resolved my sleep issues.... anyone suffering insomnia would pay the price of any of the sleep products for one decent nights sleep- they should do it, because these products, work, last and are beautiful gifts.

My biggest but BEST purchase - the yoga mat, wish I had bought a year ago!!!!!! Like other products I have bought it’s even better than I expected, and as I’d hoped it’s pushed me into doing home practice every day as it’s so amazing to get in from a stressful day unroll the mat let the lavender hit you as you deep breath.

All of the products are exceptional value for money, when I look at the cost vs use it actually makes all products cheap.

Elleke van Kraalingen

Thank you! 

I'll take the opportunity to tell you that I'm deeply enjoying your products!

I have your yoga mat since a year and -being a yoga teacher since 25 years- I have never had such a wonderful, almost loving and nurturing, yoga mat :) 

Recently I even bought a second one, for private use at home. I also enjoy the slippers, the neck roll, and the mask for travelling...

In brief: thank you for bringing such heartwarming products into the world!

With love,


I just flew all the way from Italy to LA and I loved both the mask and the slippers! Especially the slippers were so comfy!

Thanks a lot!


Dear Holistic Silk team members!

Thank you so much for the wonderful items you create and for the way you communicate with your customers! :)

Today arrived my order -- perfectly collected, packed with pretty ribbons and in two separate parcels, just as we discussed with Joanna (yeah, surprisingly they both arrived in one day).

It was a real pleasure to shop with you and I certainly will order more soon :)

Warm hugs and my deep respect :)


I love my new monogrammed Lavender Eye Mask so much! It is beautifully crafted and is much bigger than a regular mask, which means once it is in place the obscurity is total! A must-have if you are a regular traveller or if daylight wakes you at silly o'clock, thus disturbing your precious beauty sleep. Bonus: this sleeping mask is filled with actual lavender which exudes the most gorgeous, soothing aroma. 

Vera Hohleiter

Dear Holistic Silk team,

I bought one of your lavender eye masks a while ago and I am completely obsessed with it. It goes everywhere with me... I also wrote an article about it on "Miss Golightly auf Reisen" - which is a German-language website on travel-related items: http://www.missgolightlyaufreisen.de/blog-eintrag-anzeigen/items/was-macht-das-reisen-vergnueglicher-schlafmasken-von-holistic-silk.html.

I hope the article will bring you lots of customers from Germany!

The eye mask will go on a trip to Seoul with me this Saturday!

Best regards,


Last night I wore my Holistic Silk eye mask to bed for the first time in ages and slept so enormously well that I missed two alarms and am running late. They should put that on their ad.


My mask has arrived and it is gorgeous! You should mention the packaging online as this blew my colleagues away when they saw it at work!

Thanks a mill - had a great nights sleep and didnt want to get out of bed today!!

Claire Missingham, Yoga Teacher

The Holistic Silk eye pillow has been a real hit with my yoga students, it smells lovely and the silk is very cooling after practice.    


I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

I can't even expressed how happy I am with your products!

Yesterday night I slept with my silk pillowcase and I had the most perfect
night ever.

The lavender eye pillow is great for my deep relaxation at the end of my
yoga practice.

Also the way the products were wrapped, made this purchase a very special
experience (felt like Christmas in summer :D)

I am very looking forward to buying from you in the near future again.

I wish you a beautiful day, loads of love and joy.

Joyce Kernohan

I have received the lovely slippers, they fit perfectly and I shall look after them with care, I have never owned anything as luxurious as these and I thank you very much.


Abigail James

Abigail James: An industry expert with over a decade of experience, her signature facials, expertise and healing massage are highly sought after and respected by industry insiders: 

‘I have been using the Lavender Eye Mask  and I have not been waking at my usual 3 am, which is fantastic.

So it has made a huge difference, I’m amazed, it has become part of my daily sleeping routine I’d be a little lost without it!”


The beautiful sleeping masks with lavender from Holistic Silk work wonders even on a 5 year old...


Finally a sleeping mask that is big enough.


Holistic Silk soothing eye mask filled with lavender for the sweetest dreams, my idea of a perfect night, goodnight! 


Finally they are mine! New attractive Massaging Slippers from Holistic Silk. Magnets initiate circulation and ease pain, providing a nourishing and delicious feeling. Percet for India!


From last night sleeping on silk, no more sleep wrinkles. 

Elspeth (Singapore)

My silk eye mask just got shipped to me last week and I have been using it faithfully.
It helps me block out the light and gives me a sound sleep every night.
Thank you!


Hello Joanna,

I just wanted to send an email to say how impressed I am by your service. I ordered the eye mask and it arrived the following day, so quick! I am quite a light sleeper but I have to say the eye mask has improved my sleep. It smells gorgeous and is so pretty.

Thank you again, I will definitely be recommending Holistic Silk!


Hi, I just wanted to say how happy I am with my eye mask, it is a lovely colour and smells great. It has helped me a lot and I think your customer service is extremely helpful and friendly. Thank you for all your kind help and patience in rearranging my new eye mask.

Once again thank you.


Did You Know?

The magnets in our insoles are placed in relation to parts of your body, from toe to heel they are:







Sciatic Nerve

The nodules in our insoles also give all parts of your internal body a massage too!

Did You Know?

Celebrities love our products too, here's just a few.... Elle Macpherson, Catherine Zeta Jones, Isabella Rossellini, Jessica Lange, Victoria Beckham, Paul McCartney, Salma Hayek, Rachel Weisz, Natalie Imbruglia, Normadie Keith, Sonia Rykiel, David Beckham, Ralph Fiennes.

Did You Know?

Reflexology recognises that there are reflex points in the feet related to our digestive system. By massaging these points gently with the multiple magnetic and perforated massage nodules in Holistic Silk’s slipper innersoles your system may be stimulated to enhance your body’s metabolism.

Did You Know?

To create some of our exquisite pieces we use expert production units who make some of the best know international designer clothing collections as well as Holistic Silk. 



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