Marie B

The products from Holistic silk are pure luxury. I buy just for myself, the prices are reasonable & the quality of each buy is 100%. I bought the silk pillowcase & the massage slippers during the sale so I feel like I got a double treat.

The silk pillowcase with it's little lavender pouch is perfect for going to sleep with, the feel of the silk & smell of the lavender is pure bliss for night time..

The slippers look beautiful & the massage pieces really do work but in a gentle way.

Maybe next time I will buy for someone else, there the perfect gift.

Sarah H

I was suffering with insomnia and migraine, which was a long term problem as I had worked shift work for many years. (I was a Nurse) I was amazed by the difference the mask made instantly, the subtle Lavender smell, the comfort of the velvet, the ability to completely block light out when needed, which is so important when suffering photophobia associated with migraine.  I have used my masks every night since purchased and they have resolved my sleep issues.... anyone suffering insomnia would pay the price of any of the sleep products for one decent nights sleep- they should do it, because these products, work, last and are beautiful gifts.

My biggest but BEST purchase - the yoga mat, wish I had bought a year ago!!!!!! Like other products I have bought it’s even better than I expected, and as I’d hoped it’s pushed me into doing Home practice every day as it’s so amazing to get in from a stressful day unroll the mat let the lavender hit you as you deep breath.

All of the products are exceptional value for money, when I look at the cost vs use it actually makes all products cheap.


I just flew all the way from Italy to LA and I loved both the mask and the slippers! Especially the slippers were so comfy!

Thanks a lot!

Elleke van Kraalingen

Thank you! 

I'll take the opportunity to tell you that I'm deeply enjoying your products!

I have your yoga mat since a year and -being a yoga teacher since 25 years- I have never had such a wonderful, almost loving and nurturing, yoga mat :) 

Recently I even bought a second one, for private use at home. I also enjoy the slippers, the neck roll, and the mask for travelling...

In brief: thank you for bringing such heartwarming products into the world!

With love,


I love my new monogrammed Lavender Eye Mask so much! It is beautifully crafted and is much bigger than a regular mask, which means once it is in place the obscurity is total! A must-have if you are a regular traveller or if daylight wakes you at silly o'clock, thus disturbing your precious beauty sleep. Bonus: this sleeping mask is filled with actual lavender which exudes the most gorgeous, soothing aroma. 


Last night I wore my Holistic Silk eye mask to bed for the first time in ages and slept so enormously well that I missed two alarms and am running late. They should put that on their ad.


Absolutely LOVE my new luxury silk and fleece Yoga Mat. Takes excercise to a whole new level! Thank you again to my amazing sister for such a thoughtful gift. Plus the colour is amazing!!

Vera Hohleiter

Dear Holistic Silk team,

I bought one of your lavender eye masks a while ago and I am completely obsessed with it. It goes everywhere with me... I also wrote an article about it on "Miss Golightly auf Reisen" - which is a German-language website on travel-related items: http://www.missgolightlyaufreisen.de/blog-eintrag-anzeigen/items/was-macht-das-reisen-vergnueglicher-schlafmasken-von-holistic-silk.html.

I hope the article will bring you lots of customers from Germany!

The eye mask will go on a trip to Seoul with me this Saturday!

Best regards,


Dear Holistic Silk team members!

Thank you so much for the wonderful items you create and for the way you communicate with your customers! :)

Today arrived my order -- perfectly collected, packed with pretty ribbons and in two separate parcels, just as we discussed with Joanna (yeah, surprisingly they both arrived in one day).

It was a real pleasure to shop with you and I certainly will order more soon :)

Warm hugs and my deep respect :)


My mask has arrived and it is gorgeous! You should mention the packaging online as this blew my colleagues away when they saw it at work!

Thanks a mill - had a great nights sleep and didnt want to get out of bed today!!

Claire Missingham, Yoga Teacher

The Holistic Silk eye pillow has been a real hit with my yoga students, it smells lovely and the silk is very cooling after practice.    

Joyce Kernohan

I have received the lovely slippers, they fit perfectly and I shall look after them with care, I have never owned anything as luxurious as these and I thank you very much.



I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

I can't even expressed how happy I am with your products!

Yesterday night I slept with my silk pillowcase and I had the most perfect
night ever.

The lavender eye pillow is great for my deep relaxation at the end of my
yoga practice.

Also the way the products were wrapped, made this purchase a very special
experience (felt like Christmas in summer :D)

I am very looking forward to buying from you in the near future again.

I wish you a beautiful day, loads of love and joy.

Abigail James

Abigail James: An industry expert with over a decade of experience, her signature facials, expertise and healing massage are highly sought after and respected by industry insiders: 

‘I have been using the Lavender Eye Mask  and I have not been waking at my usual 3 am, which is fantastic.

So it has made a huge difference, I’m amazed, it has become part of my daily sleeping routine I’d be a little lost without it!”


The beautiful sleeping masks with lavender from Holistic Silk work wonders even on a 5 year old...


Finally a sleeping mask that is big enough.


Holistic Silk soothing eye mask filled with lavender for the sweetest dreams, my idea of a perfect night, goodnight! 


Finally they are mine! New attractive Massaging Slippers from Holistic Silk. Magnets initiate circulation and ease pain, providing a nourishing and delicious feeling. Percet for India!


From last night sleeping on silk, no more sleep wrinkles. 


My Holistic Silk collection, love this company and it's beautifully hand made yoga mats and slippers.


Since I'm spending so much time on my yoga mat I've invested in the best comfortable mat that is - Holistic Silk! perfect for kundalini yoga... Faux leather base and cosy fleece top, filled with lavender. Could not resist buying the sleeping mask too. 


Napping with my new Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Mask was heavenly. Thank you so much! I truly love it! Can't wait to try my Hot Water Bottle with lavender tonight!


I love the Holistic Silk products and the lavender eye mask I ordered from them for my Mum arrived today... perfect timing!


I've wanted one of these for so long and finally bought one. Looking forward to sleep even more than usual. 


This lavender filled eye mask from Holistic Silk was almost two years on my wish list! It was time to get it!


Welcoming sleep tonight with my new sleep mask and pillow with the scent of lavender.


So happy about my new luxurious well-being combo! Thank you Holistic Silk. 


I recently purchased your lavender eye mask - I absolutely love it! I used to suffer from restless nights where it took me forever to fall asleep, not anymore though thanks to the mask.

Many thanks,


Thank you Holistic Silk for my massaging slippers! It's perfect for my kit for my upcoming crazy world tour!

Elspeth (Singapore)

My silk eye mask just got shipped to me last week and I have been using it faithfully.
It helps me block out the light and gives me a sound sleep every night.
Thank you!


Hello Joanna,

I just wanted to send an email to say how impressed I am by your service. I ordered the eye mask and it arrived the following day, so quick! I am quite a light sleeper but I have to say the eye mask has improved my sleep. It smells gorgeous and is so pretty.

Thank you again, I will definitely be recommending Holistic Silk!


Hi, I just wanted to say how happy I am with my eye mask, it is a lovely colour and smells great. It has helped me a lot and I think your customer service is extremely helpful and friendly. Thank you for all your kind help and patience in rearranging my new eye mask.

Once again thank you.



After receiving your email I immediately went to your site and purchased the lovely Tibetan Orange silk mask. That color is so amazing! I also picked up one in Classic Jade for mom as her birthday is coming up soon.

Thank you so much for going out of your way and helping me!


From Russia with Love - Olga Kirshina

"Thank you very much for everything: great products (especially Lavender Eye Masks), perfect wrapping and, most of all, fast responses on every e-mail.

I can't even begin to describe all the good things I've experienced through three contacts with Holistic Silk, and I wear my Lavender Eye Mask every night. Also I'm planning to get it to all my dear friends, because I want them to sleep well and travel with comfort.

I'm very happy that I've seen Holistic Silk Mask in one review video, it's simply the best.

I wanted to thank Megan personally, because she was very caring and kind to me, she was the best manager I've been speaking to for the past two years.

Thank you so much for everything you do, I've become a loyal customer and wish Holistic Silk the best of luck."

Namaste, Julie Breton

I want to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchases. I use the eye pillow EVERYDAY, to nap, to fall asleep at night or for headaches. It is a lifesaver!

The eye mask is so wonderful. I tried many MANY versions available on the market but none come even close to what this mask does for me. Some use plastic inside for opacity, and there never are ties, so you have to tug on it to let blood flow to your eyes! Yikes!

The slippers are so relaxing! yes, after a long day, they ARE so helpful! the website is totally right.

Thank you for making such high-end fair trade luxurious products, Joanna!


Hello Arianna, just to let you know that my yoga mat arrived about an hour ago with the postman! Totally impressed with your company's service.

Thank you,


I just wanted to write a quick thank you for processing the above order so quickly and efficiently.  I have already used my eye mask and it is just lovely.  It was very nice customer service that although I was a little late in the 3pm cut off for delivery you were still able to get it out to me for next day delivery.

Thank you,



It arrived 30mins ago. Thank you! It is wonderful.

I had one before with the dragonfly, but forgot it somehow in a hotel in Vienna a couple of months ago. When I called the hotel no one managed to find it in the room. I was heart broken. So glad I have a new one.

Keep up the great work. The eye mask is a life saver!!!



Just a quick email to say many thanks for your assistance. The items I bought were elegantly wrapped and this, along with the contents were very well received.

My wife loved the slippers and we made the right choice as they fitted like a dream – phew.

Thanks again – much appreciated


Its the best sleep I've had in months... THANK YOU xxx

Gwen Greenald

Thank you so much for your caring response; what an exceptional firm!!

I'm in luck! Looking forward to my first night of luxury!



I've just received my lovely eye mask! JUST AMAZING!! So in love with it!!!!!

Can't wait to show to my friends :-) I will send a picture wearing it!!

I think I'll get soon also the lavender toned one!!


Thank you so much and please spread the beauty and the joy your
products everywhere in the world!


Hi Holistic Silk Company,

I just wanted to write and say how impressed I am with your products and services.

I ordered my Mum’s Xmas present from you yesterday lunchtime and was absolutely astounded when it arrived this morning! You truly exceeded my expectations.

The products themselves were beautifully wrapped and I think my Mum will adore them.

I have told all my friends and colleagues about you and look forward to shopping with you again soon.


Thank you very much indeed for the new pillow case.

Thank you so much for your help on this – your Company has gone far beyond reasonable customer service and this is really appreciated.

I’ve long time been a fan – and have the slippers, bath head rest and 2 eye masks and I shall certainly continue to shop with you and recommend you to friends in the future!

Many thanks, 


I hope you are doing well.

I am back from France. I used the lavender mask during the flight and it is absolutely FABULOUS!!!

Thank you very much,

Have a lovely day,

Best regards


My new Joga-Matte arrived in time!! Yesterday I had my first lesson an I felt very well. It smelled (duften?) verry fine in our room. Some other people were very interested in my new Joga-matte.

Thanks a lot and worm regards from Stuttgart,

Janine Eden

Holistic Silk Team

I just wanted to say a big thank you for my beautiful eye mask.

It arrived this morning and I have already tried it out for a snooze on the sofa this afternoon, it was wonderful.

Can't wait to treat myself to the slippers and pillow cases soon.

Best wishes,

Marie Boyle

Many thanks, 

I received my order yesterday & was really pleased with it.  I didn't realise it was going to look and feel so good, your brochure does'nt do it justice.

I also got your colour booklet with very tempting gifts in it.  Looking forward to doing business with you again.


Nice mask! My wife took it already...

Ann-Marie :-)

Thanks so much for this!

As promised, I have just placed another order - I love all of your products and think they make great gifts for oneself and ones friends and family!

Look forward to receiving all my pending packages!

Kind regards,

Warmest regards from a delighted Annie

Oh happy Days,

Your gorgeous slippers arrived at 7.00pm.

They are wonderful.

The quality is terrific and the silk brocade lovely and vibrant.

Thank you so much.

I can envisage another order coming your way very shortly.

Kate Smith

Thank you for keeping us updated. We received the slippers yesterday and they are gorgeous, just right for Rosie's christening.

Kind regards,


Thank you, I have just received the package and everything is perfect!!

Best regards,


I got your package today!

Lovely things (specially eyepillow - simple, but really nice for all using their eyes too much).



Katinka Lemmen

Today I received the package!

I've tried the slippers and love them, thank you for the swift sending!

Met vriendelijke groet,

Alan Jones

Just to let you know that the goods arrived safely yesterday by the time you promised. Thank you once again for your help and I am impressed and hope my wife will be also.

Have a good Christmas

Kindest regards,

Iro Yfantidi

I received the slippers the next day at 10 in the morning. They are so comfortable!

Thank you so much for your help. I am sorry for the delay response but I was so busy the last days.

Thank you once again.

Best Regards,

Karen Eiles

I just wanted to thank you for my beautiful parcel that arrived yesterday, everything so carefully and thoughtfully wrapped.

I am absolutely delighted with all my goodies - especially the seed neck roll which is just heaven.

It's been a pleasure to purchase from you and I hope to do so again when I've saved up some more pennies:-)

Have a great day and wonderful weekend.

Warmest wishes,


You may remember earlier this year I e-mailed a lot re getting some stuff as a wedding present for friends who live on a boat.  I didn’t end up getting anything due to the damp but for Christmas last year all of my family got holistic silk stuff and I just wanted to give you some feedback.

I got my father, who is 71, a seed neck roll as he loves to sit in ‘his chair’ and fall asleep!  He has had a lot of health problems so always takes a nap in the afternoon and I thought the seed neck roll would be ideal.  This summer he got shingles and was in agony to the point where he wasn’t even able to speak to me on the phone or have visitors for weeks.  Since then he has recovered enough to be sociable again and has told me several times how fantastic the seed neck roll was during his illness and he used it all the time to make himself as comfortable as possible.  He actually described it as “a life saver”.  I thought you’d like to know and I also wanted to say a big thank you. (He wants to know how to clean it – any suggestions?).

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,


Just to let you know I received the products today and I am very pleased with the quality.

Kind regards,

Lisa Vaughan

Just a quick note to say that the eyeshades and slippers were received this morning - all gorgeous and beautifully packaged.

Many thanks.  Please keep me on your mailing list for any information.  If you ever do pyjamas or robes let me know!

Nechama Ray

Solomon Ray insists on wearing his Dad's eye mask for his afternoon naps.

Forget the black out blinds...the eye mask is much more luxurious!


I LOVE my new slippers! Thank you so much for your excellent customer service!



Thank you so much for your help. I got the mask and it’s great!

Best regards,


Thank you so much for sorting this out, really appreciate you hanging in there with the bad phone line.

I love everything there at Holistic Silk... such gorgeous products.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.



Hi Arianna – they arrived this morning.  Great service – Many thanks!


You are so kind, thinking about my dear boy – and yes – he is now much better.

I looked in to the webshop (again J) and I noticed that the jade eyemask with blossom motif was available with one strap. I DO hope that I´m getting the one with the velvet ties as I think the ties fits me better. I just wanted to make sure… and at the same time thank you so very much for your super-service!

Have a lovely weekend,


HI Arianna

The products have been arrived last week, they look great...

Best regards,

Katherine Peace

I did, thanks so much for that and a super speedy service! I think she'll love it!

Did You Know?

To create some of our exquisite pieces we use expert production units who make some of the best know international designer clothing collections as well as Holistic Silk. 

Did You Know?

The magnets in our insoles are placed in relation to parts of your body, from toe to heel they are:







Sciatic Nerve

The nodules in our insoles also give all parts of your internal body a massage too!

Did You Know?

Lavender lasts longer than we do! If you find the scent on your product has waned gently squeeze where you find the lavender in our Eye Masks, Eye Pillows and Yoga Rug Mats etc to rejuvenate the lavender aroma.

Did You Know?

The ancient Chinese used magnets and magnetic material to improve the flow of chi, the internal energy which flows through channels (meridians) in the body. When you feel pain, in stiff shoulders for example, this is usually due to a blocked flow of Chi.