Trusted Customer - Lavender Eye Pillow

Wonderful product. High quality work with attention to details. Love it. 🦋

Trusted Customer - Velvet Lined Sleep Mask

Love it! Just a hint of fragrance, and it’s so comfortable. Does a great job of blocking out light.

Satisfied Customer - Lavender Make Up Bag

This is so beautiful and beautifully packaged.  The customer service was outstanding. The products are all of exceptional quality. Really beautiful items.

Satisfied Customer - Silk Velvet Massaging Slippers

Beautiful products and fantastic service.  I love these slippers, my feet often ache after work and these feel amazing.

Satisfied Customer - Eco Archive Lavender Eye Mask

High quality product and fast delivery, exactly what I was looking for.

Trusted Customer - Deluxe Sleep Mask

Great quality, comfortable to wear, doesn’t slip off during the night!

Satisfied Customer - Deluxe Sleep Mask

Nice sleep coverage. Soft on the face. These are lovely sleep masks. I have been a long-time customer.  Shipped overseas quickly and with no issues.

Jean Hall - Silk Pillowcase

Beautiful, well-made silk pillowcases and excellent customer service.  Polite and friendly attitude made me feel like a valued customer.  Resolved my enquiry straight away and I received my order within a few days.

@victoriaadams - Detangling Comb

This works well on wet or dry hair not only to ensure tangles are teased out gently or to help evenly spread your hair treatments from root to tip, it is an incredible tool to:
. Energise the scalp
. Stimulate hair growth
. Soothe tension

Satisfied Customer - Limited Edition Massaging Sliders

So comfortable…..first time buying sliders so unsure what to expect. But really comfortable and my feet are massaged every time I wear them, which has been every day so far.  They’ve actually replaced my slippers.  Excellent service, easy to order and only a few days to wait for delivery.  

Gail Johnson - Deluxe Lavender Eye Mask & Lavender Eye Pillow

Super company!  Super service with excellent products. I’ve used their wonderful eye masks and eye pillows since buying an eye mask on a long-haul flight on British Airways many years ago.  I’ve always had extremely good service and help from this delightful company.  Beautiful silks and great colours.

Trusted Customer - Silk Velvet Lavender Eye Mask

The best service ever! The velvet silk mask is just lovely as always! The quality is superb.

Julia Klaus - Eco Archive Lavender Eye Mask

My second Holistic Silk mask after the first had lasted for more than a decade and travelled around the world with me. The new one looks of the same quality and feels amazing. Very fast shipping from the UK to Germany. Small and eco-friendly wrapping that even fit into my mailbox at home.

Julie Brown - Limited Edition Massaging Sliders

These massaging sliders are amazing. I swear that the foot-massaging properties of the reflexology bobbles that activate one's foot pressure points put me in an amazingly good mood. They somehow manage to lift my energy. Nothing short of miraculous!

Arianna Barclay - Limited Edition Massaging Sliders

Anything you buy from Holistic Silk is a true winner and when I saw the launch of their new sliders, I knew they wouldn’t disappoint. They arrived beautifully and quickly and the knowledgeable team answered my queries that I had in advance of ordering.  

These are not only a visual delight (and envy of the local swimming baths) these sliders have given my feet just the tonic they needed. Teamed with swimming in the sea they have helped alleviate a case of athletes foot that I was finding hard to get rid of being an avid swimmer at the local pool. They are a dream to wear.

Lidija Matic - Printed Pure Mulberry Silk Lavender Eye Mask

Holistic Silk's support service deserves more than 5 stars.  The customer is treated in a timely, friendly and respectful manner.  My shopping experience was above average and the sleep masks are beautiful.  Just perfect!

Janet Pinder - Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping much better and feeling much more refreshed in the morning.  Bought the pillowcase and loved it so much I bought the eye covers, best sleep ever - highly recommended.

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Unscented Eye Mask

Beautiful piece!  It cuts off the light and fits perfectly.  I was little skeptical before ordering because of the ties, but I cannot feel the knot at all.  The mask is incredibly comfortable and absorbs no creams.  Excellent customer service and quick shipping.

Trusted Customer - Pure Silk Pillowcase

Silk to dream of, and on.  Wonderful quality silk, impeccably designed and stitched pillowcase that washes well and irons beautifully - couldn't ask for more.   Very pleasant website, easy to use, and quick delivery.

Satisfied Customer - Yoga Rug Mat

Le meilleur yoga mat du monde - The best yoga mat in the world.

Sibylle Malphettes - Pure Mulberry Silk Turban

Luxurious and sublime.  It really is a product of incomparable luxury and quality.  Customer service is taken very seriously.

Andre Schultz - Yoga Rug Mat

Everything perfect.  Great quality and fast, professional and nice correspondence.

Satisfied Customer - Lavender Eye Mask

Excellent product, materials, functionality and aesthetic.  

Maria Mendez - Kaftan & Pure Silk Face Pillow

Fabulous service.  Delighted to know the customer service is as excellent as their products.
Kaftan - Incredibly comfortable and nicely made.
Pure Silk Face PillowThe only word to describe it - Glorious!

Satisfied Customer - Yoga Rug Mat

Fab website, beautiful products, fast efficient service.  Beautiful Yoga Rug Mat, so comfortable, doesn’t slip.  I use it for Kundalini, Yin Yoga and Meditation… perfect.  Love the beautiful fragrance of lavender it releases during practice!  Many thanks Holistic Silk.

Helen Skidmore - Yoga Rug Mat

Brilliant customer service!  Lovely products.  Yoga rug is great, really soft and smells lovely and the cats think so too!

Trusted Customer - Yoga Rug Mat

Beautiful yoga mat. Very pleased. Really good. Fast shipping.

Trusted Customer - Yoga Rug Mat

Just lovely!  Such a lovely company with brilliant, unique and well-made luxuries. The silk pillowcases are extremely beautiful and wash well. The Yoga Mat is perfect for use at home as my other mat gets dragged around on location. Having this soft mat has encouraged me to take time to meditate and relax and for that I’m very thankful.

Rebecca Suter - Massaging Insoles

Great company, great service - lots of choice, easy ordering process, great prices too.  My order arrived in record time and was very prettily packaged.

Anne Kroul - Printed Pure Mulberry Silk Lavender Eye Mask

Wonderful product.  High quality work with attention to details.  Efficient service and quick responds on email.  Love my sleeping mask as well ❤️

Satisfied Customer - One Strap Eye Mask

Great Mask!  Exactly the same as on the picture. Soft and covers eyes well.  Definitely recommend!

Trusted Customer - Yoga Rug Mat

Amazing customer service. Email was responded to immediately and my request was dealt with by a very helpful,pleasant lady. Yoga mat arrived in Belfast 2 days later. Delighted with the quality of the item too. Smells amazing. Excellent quality too. Have purchased from here before and would happily recommend.

Satisfied Customer - Printed Pure Mulberry Silk Lavender Eye Mask

Good quality, loved the lavender.  Excellent product, efficient shipping.

Trusted Customer - One Strap Lavender Eye Mask

Fabulous high quality silk sleep mask - very comfortable and blocks out the light effectively. High quality velvet elastic holds the mask in place without tugging.  Pretty piping for that luxe look.  Would buy again and gift to friends.  Expensive but worth it.

Satisfied Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Kaftan

I love my silk Kaftan which I am looking forward to wearing on holidays!  Stunning colour, shape and quality! Excellent customer services!

Satisfied Customer - Pure Silk Face Covering

The face masks were brilliant during the pandemic.  My skin never was irritated, even though I suffer from rosacea.  I still keep it in my handbag when going to crowded places.

Veronica Montalbano - Sunglasses Chain

Beautiful glasses chain.  The stones in green Aventurine are also beautiful.  Very well done and very elegant.

David Bowen - Magnetic Insoles

Simply Perfect - I have been wanting to try magnetic insoles in my crocs for some time. These insoles are well made and I'm already feeling the benefit of them.

Ralph Winzler - One Strap Eye Mask

Excellent quality as shown on the website.  Selection is very good, top quality.  Easy ordering and fast delivery.

Satisfied Customer - Yoga Rug Mat

Top product, top service and very fast delivery.

Tanja Wichelhaus - Yoga Rug Mat

Dream Yoga Mat.  Wonderful service.  The mat itself is a dream and the lavender scent is great.  Perfect.

Satisfied Customer - Limited Edition Lavender Eye Mask & Lavender Eye Pillow

Great!! Excellent service, lovely products and prompt delivery.  Bought as a gift for a friend and they were delighted with it.

James Nutt - Yoga Set

Am obsessed with my yoga mat.  Love the soft furriness and the wafts of lavender.. combined with the eye pillow, this is my happy place.  Wonderful, personal customer service.  Nothing too much trouble.

George Murray - Soft Wool Bed Socks

Yes I would definitely rate these socks . They are very good quality, so soft and an amazing colour!  They arrived very promptly, brilliant service.  I love all of their products.

Tanya Jeskins - Lavender Eye Pillow

Amazing, beautiful, soothing, cooling and restful for the senses.  Such attention to detail and packaged beautifully too. I used the Lavender Eye Pillow during a recent spell of migraine headaches and couldn’t have got through it without it. 

Satisfied Customer - Holistic Silk Luxury Gifts

Luxury and special gifts for special people......
Holistic Silk are my go to place for luxury and special gifts for special people. The quality is outstanding, the beautiful colours of so many of their products, from the vibrant Make Up Bags, to the beautiful pastel colours of the Yoga Mats. I sing their praises to everyone I meet!

Heidi Leaver - Silk Beauty Cocoons

The Silk Cocoons that I bought were a gift for a friend, but what an unusual and luxurious gift they made! The friend I bought them for was delighted with them and even shared a few with her friends so they were able experience them too!

Trusted Customer - Pure Silk Lavender Face Pillow

This face mask is very relaxing. First time I tried it I was nearly asleep in a couple of minutes.
It's impossible to think whilst using this, it blocks out all the mind chatter. Complete quiet and calm. It's the treat we all need, these face masks should be compulsory!!

Satisfied Customer - Eco Archive Limited Edition Lavender Eye Mask

Beautiful luxury product worth every penny!  Bought as a present for my daughter. I already have one and love it and now she loves hers too. Gorgeous patterns and gorgeous product.

Deborah Derrick - Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Very happy.  Beautiful pillowcase, gorgeous pink, fabulous quality.  Very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend.  Will be buying more.

Trusted Customer - Classic Lavender Eye Mask

Beautifully made.  Love the smell of the lavender and the mask is comfortable to wear.  Ordered while on holiday as a gift, delivered quickly.  

Trusted Customer - Classic Lavender Eye Mask

Speedy, efficient service coupled with high-quality goods.  Website is easy to navigate. 

Lisa Heiden - Silk Velvet Hot Water Bottle

Best water bottle I have ever had!  Caring and fabulous customer service!

Trusted Customer - Super Sized Pure Silk Eye Mask

I have a few sleep masks but the oversized one is by far the BEST I have tried to date - I wash it once a week and miss it for the few days I don't have it. I'm a huge fan of the lavender mask but this beats even that which I did not think was possible.  Exceptional service levels - a personal approach was provided where I had a few product questions.  

Lingli Wang - Massaging Slippers

I like my slippers.  They are comfortable and perfectly fit my feet without any squeeze or stretch. 

Helga Finnsdottir - Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

I highly recommend the silk masks - they are the best and most beautiful I’ve tried.  Very good communication.  Fast shipping.  Great product.

Trusted Customer - Yoga Rug Mat

Stunning treasures! Bought as a gift for my Mum who was overjoyed with her new Yoga Rug Mat, truly an heirloom treasure.  Unique, ethereal.  Stellar customer service, always going above and beyond.  Highly recommend.

James O'Neil - Pure Mulberry Silk Scrunchie & Classic Lavender Eye Mask

Great stuff...…quality products, efficiently despatched.  My wife really liked them.

Trusted Customer - Yoga Rug Mat

This was a beautiful treat for myself which I have wanted for a couple of years, so finally the time was right- I love it.  Beautifully packaged.  Such a beautiful mat and so soft and smells divine.  Perfect for relaxing, meditation or a base to place my yoga mat.  Even my cat loves it.

Roseanne Hekneby - Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Love #pillowcase.  Simply beautiful 💕.  Thank you

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Unscented Eye Mask

Pure luxury.  Amazing product!  Very soothing, blocks light and does not press against the skin!  I love it!  Buying other colours soon!

Isabella Heubl - Yoga Rug Mat

Wonderful Yoga Mat.  The Yoga Mat is so beautiful and very cosy.  Perfect service and delivery! Thanks!!

Jordan Butcher - Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

Lovely product, exactly as I'd expect.  Superb customer service - would use again for sure.

Ms Dowling - Super-Sized Pure Silk Eye Mask

I am totally in love with the new eye mask - it rests on my cheeks and adds to the caressing indulgence of the silk, the fuller imprint on my face is instantly calming, really lovely.  A total winner.  Fantastic customer service - communication is always swift and attentive and I feel valued.

Chris, London - Super Sized Pure Silk Eye Mask

I ordered the Super-Sized Eye Mask to try out the new shape - and it is absolutely magical.  The small refinements to the size and the ties make a huge difference - the extra silk across the forehead, in particular, is incredibly soothing and relaxing.  This will definitely be my go-to style from now on.

Satisfied Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

I am very satisfied with my purchase. So beautiful!! It makes me so happy, a daily joy...❤️

Satisfied Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Hair Turban

Very happy with my purchases which I now use every day or night.

Janette Watts - Pure Mulberry Silk Face Covering

Best Masks Ever!  Love the face masks.  Washable.  Silk so no reaction on face.  Look amazing and safe with replaceable filters.

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Anti Ageing Pillowcase

Excellent customer service and quality products - I can honestly recommend Holistic Silk to anyone thinking of buying beautiful, unusual, quality products. From start to finish you can expect and receive excellent service as I have done and therefore would not hesitate to buy from Holistic Silk in the future.

Satisfied Customer - Massaging Slippers

I love the slippers, this is literally my third pair now.  Will be purchasing more products in future.  Thank you.

Trusted Customer - Chi Gemstone Facial Roller

Delivered very fast.  Quality products.  Helps firm older skin.  Rejuvenating.

Trusted Customer - Limited Edition Lavender Eye Mask

I am so pleased with my purchase and the quality of the items. I will definitely be shopping with you again in the future and have recommended Holistic Silk to my friends and family.

Trusted Customer - Silk Velvet Lavender Eye Mask

The mask is wonderful. I was planning to use it in the plane/ hotels only but I'm now using it at home also.

Ken Owen - Pure Mulberry Silk Face Covering

Far more comfortable than any other mask we've used.  Contacted Holistic Silk by email with an initial enquiry to which they responded the same day.  The response was detailed and personal.  Consequently, I am the extremely satisfied owner of 4 masks. Two for myself and two for my wife, whose is also looking at more designs and colours.

Trusted Customer - Face Covering Chain

Cute - a lovely addition to the Pure Mulberry Silk Face Covering.  Absolutely lovely company and products.

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Hair Turban

Great for curly hair protection.  Beautifully made silk turban that protects my curly hair when I sleep and stays on all night.  Quick delivery, beautifully packed

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Face Covering

Perfect! Comfortable, lovely designs and a delight to wear. Beautiful fabric and designs, prompt and efficient delivery - I have been a customer for over 16 years and love all their products.

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Face Covering

Great material and manufacturing quality and well presented.  A very good experience from finding what I wanted, ordering and timely delivery.

Trusted Customer - Silk Velvet Comfort Set

Efficient service.  Fabulous products.  Pure Luxury.  High Standard of manufacture.  A pleasure to use.

Trusted Customer - Silk Velvet Lavender Eye Mask

This is my 3rd eye mask from Holistic Silk.  I can’t live without one.  Great product and fantastic customer service.

Trusted Customer - Silk Velvet Hot Water Bottle

Once started you’ll want them in all colours.  Just can’t go back to life without this Hot Water Bottle.  Never again.

Trusted Customer - Lavender Make Up Bag

This is the second time I have bought a Silk Make Up Bag from this company and would highly recommend them. The item is beautiful.

Ria Agarwal - Relaxation Set

Beautiful products that keep their smell.  Slippers took a little getting used to but now I love them and I think they are good for my achey feet!

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Face Covering

It’s soft, beautiful and I like the pattern.  I also like the filter it comes with.  Great product.

Trusted Customer - One Strap Lavender Eye Mask

Have bought 8 Eye Masks in the last couple of years. To start with I was looking for something natural to strengthen our quality of sleep. My husband wears it every night all year round. And we have the most wonderful routine at night, where he cuddles up with his mask on and falls asleep, while I read my book. That wouldn't be possible without his mask. We have also bought them as Christmas presents.  We are so grateful.  Always great service.  Buying from Denmark is no problem.

Lucy Pointon - Pure Mulberry Silk Lavender Eye Mask

Beautiful eye mask, gorgeous print. Really quick delivery and customer service. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Would recommend that anyone looking for a quality eye mask to help with sleep should check these out.

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Best purchase of the month!  Feels like the silk gets softer after each wash.  I refuse to use any other pillowcase now - definitely will be back for more :)

Ali Richard - Massaging Slippers

I just wanted to say my new slippers arrived about 15 minutes ago.  I tried them on and I don’t think I’m ever taking them off - EVER !!  

These are brilliant, so much better than the elasticated version. 

Thank you (a) for the new design and (b) for your amazing customer service. 

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Face Covering

Beautiful face mask which arrived in quick time, nicely packaged.  Excellent quality and value for money especially when these masks have to be worn regularly.

Trusted Customer - Silk Velvet Lavender Eye Mask

Beautiful sleep masks.  This is a fantastic company with beautiful products. My sleep has become so much better after using one of their masks!  Gorgeous eye masks that dramatically improve sleep!

Trusted Customer - Massaging Slippers

Beautiful shoes.  Excellent quality and received them the following day.  I love these home shoes - they look so elegant!

Trusted Customer - Pure Silk Face Covering

Great find!  Beautiful face covering.  Feels lovely on skin.  Just what l was looking for.  Breathable.  Nice selection of patterns.  Quick delivery.  Good website and communication.  Nicely packaged.

Marie Lambrecht - Face Covering Chain

Looks so pretty whilst keeping track of my face covering. Love it!  Beautiful products and such a great quality.  A perfect mix.  I’m delighted with my purchase.

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

I had never thought how much my sleeping routine would change by using my eye mask. What's more, I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity and pure mulberry silk is extraordinary for me.  

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Hair Turban

Helpful Holistic Silk - Beautiful products, excellent service.  

My daughter was delighted with her beautiful pink turban.  It helps to keep her curls in place and prolongs the life of a blow dry.  Fantastic service and highly recommended products.

Ghazaleh Mahdavi-Far - Yoga Rug Mat

I can recommend this beautiful piece.  Great service and I love my yoga mat🙏🏼 Thank u Holistic Silk.

Matthew Clisby - Massaging Slippers

From start to finish the customer service team were by far the best I’ve had the pleasure to deal with in years.  The slippers I purchased were to replace a pair I previously bought which have lasted for approximately 15 years.   Made well and very comfortable around the home.  True value for money and made to last.  Five star shop and service in every way possible. 

Serena Gelb - Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

I love Holistic Silk and have purchased from them time and time again! This is my first time buying the sleep mask that is pure silk on both sides and it is a dream. The soothing lavender helps me sleep and I love the size of the mask because it really blocks out light. I was apprehensive about the ties but I love how adjustable it is and not uncomfortable at all.

Mercedes Martinez - Lavender Eye Mask

The F*#!*ing Best.  These eyes masks are the best in the world. Coverage, comfort, exquisite lavender scent. Just thinking about them makes me want to jump into bed. Make sleep luxurious again!

Trusted Customer - Pure Mulberry Silk Liberty Print Eye Mask

Gorgeous fabric, beautiful design and wonderfully made. The addition of lavender really is lovely and very soothing.  It’s the second one I’ve bought. Once again excellent service and delivered super fast.
Did You Know?

Reflexology recognises that there are reflex points in the feet related to our digestive system. By massaging these points gently with the multiple magnetic and perforated massage nodules in Holistic Silk’s slipper innersoles your system may be stimulated to enhance your body’s metabolism.

Did You Know?

Celebrities love our products too, here's just a few.... Elle Macpherson, Catherine Zeta Jones, Isabella Rossellini, Jessica Lange, Victoria Beckham, Paul McCartney, Salma Hayek, Rachel Weisz, Natalie Imbruglia, Normadie Keith, Sonia Rykiel, David Beckham, Ralph Fiennes.

Did You Know?

To create our exquisite pieces we use expert production units who make some of the best known international designer clothing collections as well as Holistic Silk. 

Did You Know?

Cleopatra wore a small magnet on her forehead to maintain her fabled beauty.

Enhancing sleep, wellness & beauty

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