Yoga Rug Mat: Perfect for yin & nidra yoga

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 Perfect to decompress on, stretch and breathe....

Our super luxurious washable Yoga Rug Mat has a non-slip faux leather base and cosy thick fleece top to give comfort and reassurance for stretching, holding your pose, pilates, yin, nidra yoga and shavasana. We fill the mats with pure soothing lavender that gently releases its fragrance as you practice.

Sized like a standard yoga mat:

Flat: 180 cm x 63 cm

Rolled: 15 cm diameter x 63cm

Comes with a comfy carrying harness handle.

Yoga Rug Mat £160

Blossom Embroidered Yoga Rug Mat £175

Peacock Feather Yoga Rug Mat £195

Price: £160.00 Check cost in your currency

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 Recommended for restorative and yin yoga practise but not ideal for dynamic/hot Yoga etc.

 You can also use your Yoga Rug Mat for lounging around on, taking to the park or the beach!

Please note our harness design are limited edition, so yours may differ slightly from those illustrated.

Care Information:

Amazingly you can wash our mat at 30° in a standard washing machine. The lavender will gradually start to fade when you do this so we suggest sprinkling lavender essential oil where you like on the fleece to maintain the pleasant aroma.


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