Yoga Mat

Yoga Rug Mat

A Yoga Rug Mat like no other.  This mat unites comfort, beauty and practicality to help you create a sacred space for your practice

  • Description
    Our super luxurious yet lightweight Yoga Rug Mat has a non-slip faux leather base and cosy performance fleece top to give comfort and reassurance while stretching and holding your pose.
    Recommended for Hatha, Restorative, Kundalini and Yin Yoga, Meditation and Pilates.  We also like to call it the decompression mat.  Perfect for letting go after a long day; just roll out, lie down and breathe....
    Filled with real Lavender which releases its fragrance during use it is perfect for lounging around on, taking to the park or the beach.
    Product Details


    Vegan friendly, this Yoga Rug Mat comes with a comfy limited edition carrying harness handle (actual harness design may differ from that illustrated) and a beautiful organza storage bag to make sure your Yoga Rug Mat is clean and safe whether you are home or away.
    Supporting and reassuring.  Perfect to decompress on, stretch and breathe....
    Useful Information
    Weight: 1.5kg
    Dimensions: 180cm x 63cm
    Amazingly you can wash your Yoga Rug Mat at 30 degrees in a standard washing machine.  The lavender will gradually start to fade when you do this so we suggest sprinkling lavender essential oil where you like on the fleece to maintain the pleasant aroma. 

"the holistic yoga rug mat helped establish a sense of sacredness and relaxation during my practice- an extraordinary thing for a mat to do!"

Nadine Noel author of Matology: the Inner Lives of Yoga Mats