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Our Philosophy

Relax Restore Rejuvenate 

Timeless, classic and elegant in design and presentation, Holistic Silk, fuses expertise in textiles and alternative health with ergonomic design, luxury craftsmanship and proven remedies to create a distinct range of products that deliver health, lifestyle and beauty benefits beyond their simple function.  Some of our products not only help you to feel and sleep well, but can make a ten minute break seem like an hour.  The ultimate self gift and a perfect present for your loved ones. 
Proud to be home to the world’s best Eye Mask, all of our styles are over sized and block out all light, as any sleep mask should, with a Lavender filling and unique tie once ribbon fastening, to give you easier, deeper more restorative sleep.  Our Pure Silk Eye Mask offers the additional benefits of preventing skin creasing and damage whilst keeping the dermis hydrated. 
Our other hero's in the range include the Lavender Eye Pillow which has been silencing mind chatter and inducing sleep for the last twenty years.  Exquisitely designed Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcases to protect, nourish and soothe skin and every strand of your hair as you sleep.  Stylish Massaging Slippers to improve circulation and soothe aching legs and feet, perfect for any traveller or office worker.  And Pure Silk Scrunchies designed to be stylish and to avoid hair creases and kinks.
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