Our Provenance

Every one of our products begins with a journey.  Designed with purpose.  Considered.  Trialled.  Beautiful.  Effective.

 Launched in 2000, ahead of the wellness revolution, Holistic Silk’s made to last and designed to work products enhance life simply and effectively.  Founder Joanna’s vision to support better sleep, promote mindfulness and reduce stress through her extensive knowledge of textile design, alternative therapy and ancient medicine fulfils her mission to bring joy, peace, serenity and a touch of luxury. 

Much of our stunning fabric that goes into making Holistic Silk is sourced though channels that reduce waste and excess production.  We are often able to source archive pieces that are made to the highest standards. 

We work directly with manufacturers in Delhi and London to produce our refined brand's beautiful pieces.  Our Indian NGO production unit, staffed by skilled craftspeople, works to the Fair Made principles we embraced at our inception 24 years ago.  Handcrafted in small-runs we are able to directly support communities and individuals alike as the Help Foundation NGO skill trains adults so they can obtain employment, whilst supporting and mentoring female start-ups, alongside providing practical and financial assistance.  The wider community also benefit from directly delivered projects including health drives, educational services and food distribution. 

We continue our commitment to strive towards a minimal packaging footprint (reducing every year) with products delivered and displayed in beautifully designed, re-usable and multi-functional bags instead of single use packaging

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