How to use your Chi Gemstone Massage Roller

Roll with it 

Lisa Franklin, award-winning celebrity facialist and skincare expert shares her top tips for the best way to use our Chi Gemstone Facial Roller.
"I like to use a roller at night before bedtime.  I find it’s the perfect time to relax and relieve tension and a roller promotes this along with lymph drainage which will release toxins that have built up throughout the day.
After thoroughly cleansing use the roller with or without your usual serums or night treatment. 
Take the roller, using the large end and start to roll, using gentle pressure, upwards and outwards across the face including the neck.  This will stimulate the muscles and circulate blood flow.
Switch to the small roller and circle around the eyes.  This will reduce puffiness and dark circles.
You will also notice the gemstone begins to warm up during use.  This heat at the skin's surface will help the absorption of any serums or treatments into the skin."
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White Moonstone to stimulate Kundalini energy and perception.  Ideal for insomnia.

Rose Quartz to ease stress, tension and anxiety, whilst promoting love and compassion.

Serpentine to encourage healing, self-regeneration and increase energy as it is said to help unblock your chakras.

Yellow Jade to support emotional stability, balance and relationships

Amethyst to stimulate the mind and soothe emotions.

Red Jade to encourage action and dispel fear, worry and doubt.

Aventurine to help aid relaxation, calm anxiety, encourage healing, release negativity and allow creativity to flow.

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