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Keeping Skin Glowing at Home

by Lisa Franklin

A long-time fan and retailer of Holistic Silk products, Lisa Franklin, an award-winning celebrity facialist and skincare expert with a stellar reputation for providing her signature glow to clients' skin at her Knightsbridge clinic privé, shares her tips for keeping your skin healthy and glowing.          
With over 20 years in the skincare and beauty business I’ve learnt a thing or two about achieving and maintaining a healthy complexion and I want to share some advice on how to maintain your skin’s glow at home during this time.
It’s really important to maintain a good health, but this has become even more relevant during longer periods at home when normal routines are turned upside down and the home becomes a space required to accommodate many more needs. No longer just a place of sanctuary our homes are now spaces to work, teach and self-care all at the same time, unless you live on your own every household member will have different requirements. One thing’s for sure keeping up normal routines where possible is a real positive, both from a physical and mental wellbeing perspective.  
Initial Steps
First, drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated throughout the day - around 2 litres is perfect. Then feed your body both from the inside and out with good nutrition from your diet, supplementation and topical skincare as part of an overall preventative care approach to your wellness. Finally, take regular exercise which will boost circulation, improve blood flow and bring oxygen to the skin.
Cleansing is Key to Healthy Ageing
A good cleansing routine is vital for keeping your skin glowing and healthy. One of the main functions of the skin is to act as a barrier to the elements. The skins barrier function can easily become impaired by environmental pollutants and progressive sun damage.
Cleansing not only removes the daily dirt and grime we come into contact with through our lives, but also bad bacteria which can cause inflammatory responses resulting in problematic skin conditions.
Double Cleanse
Give yourself time in the evening to ensure you remove all of the days build up including makeup. An oil-based, bioactive cleanser that removes makeup and pollutants will help to draw out impurities and nourish the skin, follow this with a gentle nutrient rich gel wash to purify and deep clean leaving skin more soft, supple and refreshed.
Regular Exfoliation
Use a product which contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids to promote healthy skin cell turnover for a smoother and more even complexion.  Products containing these gentle acids will remove tired skin cells and accelerate healthy proliferation. The result is a radiant, more even complexion.
Brightening Products 
For topical skincare use products that are formulated to help brighten skin immediately and over time. A high-quality Vitamin C is a great ingredient for increasing cell turnover and brightening up pigmentation and age spots.  Soothing ultra-effective vitamin C&E face serums formulated with rapid firming properties and active cell protection promote a healthy, visibly brighter complexion.
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
Lastly hydrate the skin with products to achieve that glow. Lack of hydration will make your complexion dull and even accentuates wrinkles. It is important the last step of your skincare routine contains a product to lock in the moisture and replenish hydration to the skin. Choose a product that acts on three levels to help support skin hydration, decrease the production of free radicals and boost skin elasticity. #glowathome
Roll with it  
My go-to facial roller is the Holistic Silk Chi Gemstone Roller.  Available in a number of fabulous gemstones, but my favourite is Rose Quartz, naturally!  I like to use a roller at night before bedtime, I find it’s the perfect time to relax and relieve tension and a roller promotes this along with lymph drainage which will release toxins that have built up throughout the day.
After thoroughly cleansing I first apply my Pro-Effect Night Treatment to the face and neck. I then take the roller, using the large end and start to roll gently pressure upwards and outwards across the face including the neck. This will stimulate the muscles and circulate blood flow. You will also notice the gemstone begin to warm up during use, this heat at the skin surface will help absorption of the Night Treatment in to the skin. Switch to small roller and circle around the eyes. This will reduce puffiness and dark circles.
About Lisa Franklin
Having witnessed the increase in premature ageing caused by city life, such as the effect of pollution and technology, Lisa was inspired to create the Pro-Effect skincare range. Combining the latest scientific advances and a holistic, clean approach, the result is a range of products and treatments formulated with key actives, each energised with Rose Quartz for glowing, healthy skin to help reduce the visible signs of ageing.  Visit lisafranklin.london to see Lisa's full range of Vegan, cruelty free products made using sustainably sourced natural ingredients and recyclable packaging. #TheBeautyOfKindness



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