Rub the sleep from your eyes, enjoy a cat-like stretch and then take a lovely deep breath and exhale all the heaviness of winter.

You made it through the dark times, the cold snaps and many, many crime dramas, so give yourself a big hug and start summer dreaming of balmy evenings, alfresco drinkies and blissful escapes.

Need to polish up that summer sparkle of yours before cracking out the kaftans and grappling with the new trend for tiny sunglasses?

All the wintry time spent indoors, buried under blankets with the heating cranked up can leave you feeling a little jaded, so spring is the perfect time to get back your glow.

Awaken Your Body

With an ever-increasing twinkle of light after 5pm, awaken your body after a long day at work by resisting the lure of the sofa and heading outdoors for an evening walk or, dare we say it, a run.

Stretch out those winter-weary mus[G1] cles and limber up for all the sun-drenched adventures that you’re going to have with some restorative bedtime yoga on our fabulous Yoga Rug Mat.

We love gentle inversions (meaning your head is lower than your heart) such as forward folds, as they’re said to reverse the effects of gravity and ageing by increasing blood flow to your face and encouraging blood flow to your head.  A few of those each day can only be good right?

Beauty Sleep For A Supermodel Glow

Aside from fantastic genes and excellent luck, want to know the very best thing for getting your Victoria’s Secret model style glow on?

Why, it’s beauty sleep of course, and treating your face with the love it deserves while you snooze, especially after a long winter being dried out by central heating and whipped by the elements.

Lack of sleep shows on your face, so ensure that you get a good sleep by embracing a night time ritual that promotes relaxation and limits your screen time.

If you need a little help nodding off spend ten minutes relaxing with our Lavender Eye Pillow to bring clarity and calm then slip on our Classic Lavender Eye Mask which smells of sleep enhancing Lavender, protects your peepers from any distracting light and encourages more restorative sleep.

Silk Is Your Secret Weapon

When it comes to your evening beauty routine, silk is your secret weapon.  

Loaded with natural protein and amino acids, which counter the effects of ageing, it also contains natural cellular albumen for speeding up metabolism of the skin cells for powerful skin boosting.

When you rest your head, make sure it's on a dreamy Pure Silk Pillowcase which is oh, so much kinder to your face than cotton as silk hydrates the skin instead of drawing moisture from it.

Those expensive serums and night creams that you lovingly slather on will stay on your face working their magic for longer, instead of sliding off onto your bedding, plus it banishes nasty pillow creases and pesky new wrinkles come 7am. 

If your skin is still looking a little sad then give it the royal treatment and plump it up using our Silk Beauty Cocoons, originally used by Chinese Princesses no less.

After cleansing, simply dampen with warm water and apply to the face in small circular motions, then follow with your usual skincare routine.

But why should your face have all the fun? Our 100% Pure Silk Sleeping Cocoon envelopes your whole body in pure silky, super hydrated luxury, while perfectly regulating your body temperature.

Speaking of staying hydrated, remember to stay quenched during the day so that you and your skin don’t wake up parched.  Supercharge your water with our Water Crystals which naturally instils positive energetic structure and vitality to your drinking water.

Celebrating Mothers’ Day  

Don’t be selfish and keep that sparkling glow to yourself.  This month is the perfect time to lavish your mum with love and help her feel her glowy best as we leave winter behind.

Mums are often so busy taking care of everyone else that they forget about themselves, so gift her an indulgent treat that will help her feel fabulous all year, such as a beautiful Limited Edition Eye Mask, Massaging Slippers, Lavender Eye Pillow or gorgeous Pure Silk Pillowcase.

Sweet Dreams xx



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