Sleep is the perfect meditation

How To Get A Good Sleep

We’re all busy by day and prone to sensory overload. The constant whirring of our brains matched only by the processors in our laptops and phones.  A night -time ritual offers an essential window of screen free ‘me time.’ It’s not over indulgent and it isn’t selfish.

It’s the essential route to a deep, restorative sleep.

The Wind Down

You don’t have to be a green juice swilling yoga bunny to enjoy downward dog. We love pressing ‘stop’ on the day and then entering into wind down with some yoga to calm the mind and body.

Light a couple of Deeply Relaxing Scented Candles, turn out the lights and unfurl your mat.  

This Is Your Time

Scent is highly evocative, with lavender known for its soporific qualities. We’ve used this powerful herb throughout our night-time ritual for so long now, that just a gentle whiff is enough to make us relax.

You could create a lavender mat spray by mixing essential oils with water and a drop of alcohol, or even better try our sumptuous Yoga Rug Mat. Beautifully crafted, lined with fleece and filled with lavender it’s the perfect partner for your pre-slumber yoga practice.

If you’re not familiar with yoga then there’s lots of inspiration online. There’s no need to tie yourself in knots, just 10 minutes of slow stretching is enough to banish any tension.

At the end of your practice, take some time for Savasana, also known as Corpse Pose. Clear your mind and sink back into your mat. Let go of everything that happened today – breathe it all out.  Relax each muscle in your body one by one, starting with your toes. Unclench your jaw.  Feel any stress simply drift away.

Bath Time

You’re going to emerge from the bath feeling all warm and drowsy. The transition to sleep should be smooth and so before getting under the suds, ensure that your bedroom is brimming with sleepy vibes. Lower the lights, burn a Deeply Relaxing Scented Candle and lay out your pyjamas, Eye Mask and Hot Water Bottle.

Ideally you should also have your phone charging in another room. Nothing spoils a night-time ritual like looking at a screen for too long.

The bathroom will be a serene space. Candle light only. Fill the bath with a hefty slug of your favourite aromatic oils or bubble bath, step in, then close your eyes and inhale deeply. Perhaps try a few minutes of meditation, focusing on the gentle lapping of the water.

In The Bedroom

It’s now time to pad through to your bedroom and slip into your pyjamas. Your Hot Water Bottle will have made the bed all toasty. Swathed in luxurious silk brocade and velvet, our Hot Water Bottles are laced with lavender, offering oodles of extra comfort whenever you need it.

If you can keep your eyes open then take 30 minutes to enjoy some reading – we don’t mean board reports, online news sites or social media. Indulge in a good book. Something that will sit beside your bed and that you’ll look forward to getting back to all day.

Are your eyes getting heavy?  Then it’s time to put down your book, turn out the light, blow out the candle and pop on your Lavender Silk Eye Mask. Inhale the soothing scent of lavender, relish the pure darkness and then lie back and prepare for sweet dreams.

Sleep tight xx 

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