Limited Edition Eye Mask

Our Classic Lavender Eye Mask design produced in small numbers using contemporary and classic prints personally picked by Joanna.

  • Description
    Ergonomically designed in shape, size and fabric to completely block out any light, gently resting on the cheekbones and forehead for maximum comfort, our Limited Edition Lavender Eye Masks have long been the go-to for deep, restorative sleep.
    Filled with dried Lavender proven to lower heart rate, blood pressure and instantly promote relaxation our Limited Edition Eye Mask combines hand selected classic and contemporary prints, exquisite brocades and sumptuous textured fabrics to create an eye mask that not only looks great but works too.
    Product Details


    Lined in super soft cotton velvet, our two strap Limited Edition Eye Masks really are the most comfortable and effective Eye Mask you could ever desire, with a ribbon tie fastening for perfect fit and comfort…you won't feel the ties, we promise!

    Ideal for sufferers of insomnia, anxiety, migraines and those looking to achieve deep restorative sleep.
    We are delighted to announce that some of our limited Edition Eye Masks are vegan friendly.  Please email for an up to date list.


    Useful Information
    Dimensions: 24cm x 12cm
    Each Lavender Eye Mask comes with an organza storage bag to protect your eye mask at home or while travelling.
    Care: Clean the surface of your Eye Mask with a damp cloth or dry clean only.
    Do not immerse in water.

"The Eye Mask is too good to just wear at home, it's filled with lavender and smells so beautiful and relaxing. Perfect for the next long haul flight"

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