Classic Lavender Eye Mask

Let sleep prevail with our award winning, timeless Classic Eye Mask made from luxurious Silk and filled with natural dried Lavender

  • Description
    Ergonomically designed in shape, size and fabric to completely block out any light, gently resting on the cheekbones and forehead for maximum comfort, our award-winning Lavender Eye Mask has long been the go-to for deep, restorative sleep.
    Filled with dried Lavender, proven to lower the heart rate, blood pressure and instantly promote relaxation our award winning Eye Mask combines layers of fabrics with a soft cotton velvet backing to completely block out light pollution.
    Ideal for sufferers of insomnia, anxiety, migraines and those looking to achieve deep restorative sleep this Eye Mask has soft Velvet ties for an adaptable, non-restrictive fit and maximum comfort.
    Product Details
    Our Classic Lavender Eye Masks are made using Dupion Silk, selected for its iridescence and durability, supporting our mission to create long-lasting products.
    Dupion Silk, a weighted crisp silk suited to tailoring, has an incredible sheen and vibrancy due to its naturally occurring slubs.  Slubs are thicker threads that are woven into the weft to create a regal shimmer, these slubs are not a fabric fault!
    Never mass produced, our products are crafted in the UK in small runs allowing us to responsibly create luxury products that work to boost your wellbeing.  
    Makes the Perfect travel partner, supporting sleep anywhere and anytime.
    Made in Britain using responsibly sourced textiles.
    Useful Information
    Dimensions: 24cm x 12cm
    Single strap and unscented Eye Masks are also available if preferred.
    Each Lavender Eye Mask comes with an organza storage bag to protect your eye mask at home or while travelling.
    Clean the surface of your Eye Mask with a damp cloth or dry clean only.
    Do not immerse in water.


"The cotton velvet underside of Holistic Silk's teddy bear-soft eye mask also means it doesn't slip off while you sleep"  Psychologies Magazine