Deeply Relaxing Scented Candle

Calming and soothing

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For deep relaxation and a really good night's sleep.

The 100% natural aroma from our candle will permeate your room.
Inspired by whimsical Chinoiserie, the silhouette branch design of our beautifully decorated candle glass glows more and more as the candle burns down and can be reused with tea lights once finished.
This Candle has a fine blend of relaxing lavender, sensuous jasmine and sweet basil pure essential oils. Made from 100% natural eco wax, burn it anywhere to slip into a tranquil mood or to enhance sleep.
100% natural wax.
No animal products.
Free from animal testing.
Made from renewable sources.
Lead-free wick.
Smokeless and soot-free.
Vegan Friendly.
Made in Britain.

Burn time approx 50 hours.

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