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Women spend a great deal of money on anti ageing facial products and there are some fantastic innovations available. Men are catching up fast, keen to stay groomed, glowing, fresh and good-looking for longer. But keeping your skin looking good doesn't always have to mean complicated, time-consuming skincare routines. Sometimes the answer to dewy, moisturised, smooth and soft skin is as simple as lovely, soft, natural silk. 

Everyday life plays havoc with your skin. Friction roughens it. Wind and sunshine, hot and cold weather dry it out. Natural moisture leaches out into your bedclothes and ordinary cotton pillows pull anti ageing products out of your skin's surface, making them a lot less effective. Luckily a beautiful silk pillowcase is the perfect solution to keep your skin looking and feeling marvellous.  

How can a silk pillowcase support your skin care routine?  

Our extensive and carefully researched skin products range includes one of our favourite products for face care, recommended in the Natural Beauty Bible as surprisingly effective. Combine it with good quality cosmetic anti wrinkle products and you will soon notice a real difference.  

So how exactly, does a Silk Pillowcase help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles? It's all down to the sheer magic and remarkable properties of silk, an extraordinary natural material for which there just isn't a man-made alternative. 

Because silk is so wonderfully smooth, it's friction-free. This means you get fewer facial creases while you sleep and less damage to skin cells. Unlike cotton, satin silk won't soak up your expensive night creams. It leaves your face's natural moisture and oils intact, again unlike cotton which, being coarser, absorbs them to your skin's detriment. A night's sleep on a luxury silk pillow helps your skin retain all that essential moisture, keeping it hydrated and nourished.

Our beautifully made satin Silk Pillowcase is 100% hypoallergenic, 100% natural and totally luxurious, made from a lovely heavyweight satin silk and available in either soft cream and white or a gorgeous limited edition Liberty print. You might even find it helps you sleep better - there's nothing quite like a spot of serious luxury to help you float away and enjoy sweet dreams!

If you'd like to treat yourself or someone you love to simple yet effective skin care, it makes a fabulous and indulgent gift. You'll find it here

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