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Made to last with minimal packaging


Established for 23 years and made with love and passion, our products are ethically produced and hand finished to the highest quality.


We work directly with ateliers in Delhi and London to produce our refined brand's beautiful pieces.  Our Indian NGO production unit, staffed by skilled craftsmen, works to the Fair Made principles we embraced at our inception 23 years ago.  Proud to be partnered with this highly respected, long-established NGO, we are able to directly support communities and individuals alike as the Help Foundation skill trains adults so they can obtain employment.  They also help female start-up businesses with practical and financial assistance.  The wider community also benefit from our partnership with the NGO, who directly deliver projects offering emotional and practical support including health drives, educational services and food distribution. 


Handcrafted in small-runs and designed to fit into your daily routine for maximum benefits with no real effort, our range includes wellness, sleep and beauty tools which trail blaze Silk’s beauty benefits, creating truly effective products that work time after time with style, substance and panache. 


Known for creating well made products that are built to last, we continue our commitment to strive towards a minimal packaging footprint (reducing every year) with products now delivered and displayed in beautifully designed, re-usable and multi-functional organza bags instead of single use packaging.


As part of this commitment we are pleased to have implemented a Take Back Scheme to encourage recycling of our products when they reach the end of their lives.  For more information on this scheme please click here


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Enhancing sleep, wellness & beauty

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