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How To Choose Your Eye Mask

Embrace Darkness with the World's Best Eye Mask

Our award winning ergonomic Eye Mask delivers deep, restorative sleep.  Lightweight, luxurious and made to last with a unique no padded design to give a perfect, light blocking fit.  Filled with natural dried Lavender flowers to add a subtle sleep inducing aroma and featuring two soft Velvet ties, this mask rests on your forehead and cheekbones to eliminate any pressure on the delicate eye area. 

Sleeping in total darkness makes it easier to achieve deeper, more restorative sleep.  Even ambient light from gadgets can affect sleep quality.   Our light blocking Eye Masks are recommended by sleep experts as a natural way to help you fall asleep faster and to sleep better for longer.  And unlike others we guarantee that all of our masks totally block out the light so that you receive the full benefit.                                                                      This is, quite simply, the very best Eye Mask available. 

Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask 

Our most luxurious eye mask, the Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask features Silk on both sides.  Naturally non-absorbent, the Silk lining actively helps prevent night-time facial creasing and dehydration, making it perfect for sensitive and maturing skin. 

Limited Edition Eye Mask 

The Limited Edition Eye Mask is made in small runs using Joanna's pick of seasonal colours and designs in Silks, Brocades and Cottons and feature a soft Cotton Velvet lining. 

Classic Lavender Eye Mask 

The Classic Lavender Eye Mask, our ever popular original, is made with Dupion Silk on the front and a soft cotton velvet lining on the reverse.  Available with an embroidered Blossom or Dragonfly motif.

Why Two Ties? 

Two ties allow a super comfortable, perfect, personalised fit to enhance your experience.  We stand out from the Eye Mask crowd for providing this.  Tie once then slip your mask off in the morning and back on at night.  We make selected designs with one wide, soft Velvet elasticated strap for those who don’t believe two ties are better than one! 



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