HOLISTIC SILK RETREAT Your Holiday Starts Here

Unwind before you arrive with fabulous pure silk travel accessories

Whether you’re going abroad or taking a break in your home country, your holiday starts the minute you set off with our wonderful collection of relaxing travel accessories.  Thanks to the magic of the very best materials, the finest design and gorgeous looks, you’ll find yourself relaxing and unwinding before you even arrive.  And once you’ve arrived?  The story of pure quality silk continues.  Let’s explore.

Trains, planes and automobiles – they’re dry, dry, dry!

Travelling is a dry business.  The air inside aircraft contains almost no moisture.  As reported in 2019, aircraft air quality – even if you’re travelling first class – combines recycled air inside the cabin itself, which has already been breathed in and out by passengers and crew, with hot ‘bleed air’ from the outside, which is first compressed by the aircraft's engines.

There’s very little humidity on a plane.  It makes flying a very dry experience.  A typical aircraft is exceptionally dehydrating, with just 12% or so humidity, making the air drier than most of the world’s deserts.  As you can imagine this leaves your hair feeling dry and frizzy and your skin feeling just as bad.  Air conditioning on trains, heating and cooling systems in cars, they can also leave your skin and hair feeling parched.

Plenty of us like to nod off on a flight or a long car or train journey.  Use one of our lusciously lovely pure Mulberry Silk Hair Turbans to protect your hair, leaving it soft and smooth instead of tangled and dry.  And pop on one of our gorgeous luxury silk Eye Masks for a wonderful sleep.  We have super-sized versions for the ultimate in comfort, as well as regular size, which also happen to be made to a generously sized design to keep the light out.  The ultra-smooth 100% Mulberry Silk fabric prevents skin-drag, facial creasing and dehydration while you’re travelling, as well as easing you into a lovely deep slumber.  

When you need to wear a Face Covering to protect yourself from covid, travel dryness can feel even worse.  And you can end up with maskne, a face mask-created version of acne.  Not good.  Luckily, it’s avoidable.  Choose from our host of stunning face covering designs in beautiful pure Mulberry Silk, the finest quality silk available.  The soft elasticated silk-covered ear loops are the ultimate in comfort, as well as keeping you safe from infection with active carbon sheets that fit inside.  They filter out non-visible particle matter up to PM2.5.  Being so soft and comfortable as well as so attractive, it’s nice enough to keep on for the entire journey.

How well do you sleep away from home?

Plenty of us find it hard to get a good night’s sleep away from home.  The bed’s different from usual, the covers are strange, the light isn’t the same and it all adds up to tiredness, which doesn’t make a good start to your holiday.  Add jet lag and you can suffer for a few days before settling down into your holiday routine.  A luxurious sleep mask containing real Lavender flowers can help ease you into a restful sleep and it’s easy to pop into your suitcase.  We have one-strap versions, printed silk and plain silk, unscented versions and more to choose from, all stylish and all gorgeous to look at.    

One of the most important sleep aids for smooth hair and skin is our award winning Silk Pillowcase. The magic of fine silk means your hair suffers less due to reduced friction.  It also minimises the creases in your skin that you can get simply from being in the same position for too long.  No more deep sleep lines, no more bed hair, no more frizz.  If you’ve invested in costly face creams and hair serums, the silk won’t absorb them.  Your skin will feel nourished and your hair silky smooth, a great start to every holiday day.  It’s no surprise it’s recommended by stylists and dermatologists as an important part of everyone’s night-time hair and skincare routine.  Because it doesn’t include the pillow itself, just the case, it’s easy to fit into your luggage.  There’s even a removable sachet of Lavender flowers to help ease you into a wonderful sleep.

If you love to sleep in style, you’ll adore our stunning pure silk Lavender Eye Pillow, made with love from 100% Dupion Silk and weighted with real Lavender flowers and organic seeds.  This makes it naturally cooling, giving you a fabulous, chilled feel that feels particularly good in hot holiday weather.  It also cleverly stimulates acupressure points in the eye area to bring clarity and calm.

Have you seen our gloriously silky, flowing Kaftan?  It delivers the ultimate in night wear and travel luxury, made from our signature Mulberry Silk and available in a series of lush colours.  Being lightweight it’s perfect for travelling, sleeping and lounging.  It even has its own pretty Organza storage bag and because it’s silk, it packs up nice and small.

How about noise?  Even the best hotels and villas can be noisy at night and when the sounds are unfamiliar they can disrupt your rest.  You need Ear Plugs and ours are fabulous.  Benefit from the power of heliotrope to ground you, relieve anxiety and clear toxins.  They feel lovely and cool, and they work hard to reduce sound to help ease you away to a restful sleep.

Sunbathing, swimming, sports and more  

To keep your hair out of the way while you sunbathe, swim and play holiday sports, our marvellous pure Silk Scrunchie holds your hair beautifully without damaging your style or the condition of your hair.

If you’re holidaying somewhere chilly, maybe skiing or visiting Iceland, our lovely Hot Water Bottle has a silk velvet cover and inside, a superb 2 litre Fashy™ bottle plus a removable pure lavender sachet for that famously relaxing scent.  And our super-soft 100% Wool Bed Socks complete the winter holiday picture.

Carry your essentials in style

Our pretty lavender Make Up Bag, available in either silk velvet or brocade, makes the perfect place to keep your make-up safe.  And our Brocade 48 Hour Bag, in golden and deep navy blue brocade, is your ultimate getaway bag.  Because it folds flat it also makes exceptionally smart hand luggage.

Relaxed every step of the way

Thanks to our delightful range of luxury sleep, relaxation and wellness products, you’re all set for a holiday that’s relaxing from the start to the finish.  We’d like to wish you a gorgeous, relaxing break right from the very start to the end of your holiday.

HOLISTIC SILK RETREAT Your Holiday Starts Here
HOLISTIC SILK RETREAT Your Holiday Starts Here



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