Baby or vampire? The way that you sleep says rather a lot about you, whether you curl tightly into a cosy foetal position, lie with arms splayed and face down or rest silently still on your back with arms folded à la vampire.

Not only does your chosen sleep position apparently betray your brash, super chilled or quiet and reserved nature but it also helps determine how fresh you’re going to look come 7am.

Vampire sleepers, for example, may appear a little, erm, undead during the night but come sunrise, awake fresh-faced and very much alive looking, since their lovely faces aren’t wrinkled and crinkled by rubbing against pillowcases or sheets.

Below we explore some of the most common positions for snoozing, looking at what they say about you and how to overcome typical sleeping style snags.

The Foetal Position

Ooooh baby, the most common of the sleeping styles, the foetal position is apparently adopted by nearly half of the sleepy heads out there and twice as many women as men.

Sleep curled on your side with your knees tucked in like a little baby in the womb?  Then this is your style and you’re apparently also caring and conscientious, go you.

All about self-soothing, this style is typically adopted by the worriers among us, especially after the stressful type of day that begins with leaving your lunch on the kitchen counter, dang.

A perfectly fabulous way to seek your 8 hours shut-eye, this is great if you are pregnant or suffer from heartburn but does have its problems as sleeping on the same side, night after night can result in increased wrinkles and creases on that side – sacre bleu!

Worry not though sleep lovers, those nasty lines will be stopped in their tracks by ditching the moisture sapping and line creating cotton pillowcases and using an Holistic Silk Pure Silk Pillowcase instead.

The Back Sleeper

According to one of our favourite REM songs, ‘the sidewinder sleeps on his back,' nope we never understood what that meant either, but apparently, back sleepers are easy-going, trusting and, oh this is awkward, gullible.

Back sleepers vary position, from sleeping like our friend the vampire with legs straight and arms folded across the chest (creepy much?) like a soldier, standing to attention with arms straight down at the sides or like a star fish with arms up near the head, like, erm, a starfish.

Considered to be a great way to sleep for pain prevention, back sleepers are however, more likely to snore and if you suffer from night terrors then this is so not the sleeping position for you.

With your face pointing up at the ceiling, you may want to cover those precious peepers of yours from any distracting light while you sleep, so pop on a Lavender Eye Pillow to ensure dreamy relaxation, ideal for stationary snoozers.

The Stomach Sleeper

Known as the 'free fall' where sleepers lie flat on their stomachs with head turned to one side and arms wrapped lovingly around a pillow.  This position is typically adopted by outgoing types, some say brash but we think that's harsh.

The trouble with this sleep style is that free fallers often dispense with a pillow, which can increase neck and back pain as it’s best to keep the head and spine neutral at all times, so try using a low pillow if you can.

With that gorgeous face of yours also potentially smooshed into a pillow or sheets each night, we suggest a killer combo of the Holistic Silk Pure Silk Pillowcase and Classic Lavender Eye Mask

The Log

Apparently the second most common sleeping position, you lie like a log if you sleep on your side with arms down at your sides.

Easy going and sociable, we reckon that many of our favourite people are logs.  You’re also super sensible as sleeping in this way is just delightful for digestion.

Do watch out though, as sleeping on your side is said to cause nerve compression so consider sleeping with a pillow at your side or even between your knees to offer your back a little more support.

Why not make it a super luxurious silky pillow with our gorgeous Pure Silk Pillowcase?

Sweet dreams whatever your sleep position! Xxxx

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