The art of the slow morning

Your morning sets the vibe for the rest of the day so, what’s it to be? Frazzled, tired and a little angry, or super chilled, nourished and grounded?

If you’re hitting snooze repeatedly on the alarm clock, fumbling around for clothes grumpily in the dark and applying your eyeliner on the train while juggling a croissant and a venti latte then it’s time to slow down.

By approaching the first hour of your day mindfully, you will feel calm and grounded, ready to handle whatever craziness the following 12 hours might throw at you.

The secret to slow mornings is waking gently and in a good mood. When the alarm goes off, have a little stretch, slip off your lavender sleep mask and slide out of bed. No snoozing and certainly no moaning, remember that you are a strong and positive warrior.

Next, it’s time to gently rouse the body and mind in a cosy and calming atmosphere with some exercise. Ten minutes on our luxurious yoga rug mat for candle lit meditation, mindfulness or sun salutations and proper deep breaths, will leave you feeling grounded and revitalised.

Key to avoiding needless stress in the morning is being super organised and so you will have been good to your future self by setting out your clothes for the day ahead before getting into bed the evening before.

Now you can take your time slipping into some luxury loungewear. Bamboo and Organic Cotton clothing from companies with sound ethical values, such as Asquith, a fabulous British brand, is gorgeous to wear and so classically elegant.

Chic enough to take you from the yoga mat to the street and then into the office – you’ll waste less time picking two or three outfits in a day and have more minutes to devote to your sassy new morning routine.

We urge you to guard your morning as fiercely as your night-time and protect it from screens, so pop on the radio while you make something warming and nutritious for breakfast now that the temperature has dipped. And with a spring in your step, you’re ready to face the day the positive way.

Here’s to slow mornings and beautiful winters days xx

The art of the slow morning
The art of the slow morning

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