Yes, our super-special Yoga Rug Mat may seem a little on the expensive side.  But we've never met a single customer who, having invested, didn't absolutely adore it.  Some of them are still using theirs daily ten years after buying!  And let's face it – this is probably the most beautiful Yoga Rug Mat you'll ever come across. 

So whether you're just starting out on your Yoga journey, a dedicated Yogi or someone who just likes to relax in style and comfort, our beautiful, top quality Yoga Rug Mats are perfect and, quite frankly, put ordinary Yoga Mats in the shade and here's why…

Not just any old Yoga Mat

Most yoga mats are made from PVC.  They're fine.  They do the job.  But they're hardly a luxury purchase.  Luckily mats made from natural fibres, real recycled rubber and wholly natural materials like jute and cotton are also available, fabrics that haven't been treated with synthetic finishes.  And that means there's a lot more choice for eco-conscious, luxury-loving fans like you. 

In a world where eco-friendliness is a must, our luxury Yoga Rug Mats are an exceptional buy.  Fair Made by from 100% man-made materials, it's wholly vegan friendly and couldn't be more different from the usual, everyday ‘sticky’ mats and traditional Yoga Rugs.  Instead, it is a clever and extremely attractive combination of the two designed personally by Joanna herself.

And for 2019 we created a Jute Check Yoga Rug Mat which is even more eco-friendly.  Jute, known as the ‘Golden Fibre’ because of its wonderful, rich, golden colour also happens to be soft, supple, biodegradable and recyclable making this our number one mat for luxury and sustainability.

The top on all of our Yoga Rug Mats is made using cosy high-performance fleece delivering that essential reassurance you need while stretching and holding poses and the non-slip bases don’t feel sticky.  Having an integral tie means your Yoga Rug Mat always looks neat and pretty when not in use even without its beautiful Organza storage bag.  And with a Limited Edition harness, you can carry your mat easily to and from lessons or wherever you take it to feel some luxurious relaxation.

Powered by Lavender

Ok so whilst it may now give you super powers, studies have shown that Lavender can lower your heart rate, aid relaxation and reduce stress so we fill our luxurious, lightweight Yoga Rug Mats with natural dried Lavender flowers which give off their magical scent and enhance your experience as you use your mat.  When you want to create your own peaceful, sacred space for exercise and relaxation, it's perfect.  And as its natural Lavender you simply squeeze the mat where you find the Lavender to release more of that heavenly scent.

Use for…whatever you fancy!

Our exquisite mat comes highly recommended for Hatha, Restorative, Kundalini and Yin Yoga plus Meditation and Pilates.  It's also a lovely way to simply relax, breathe and let the tensions of your day flow away.  Simply roll it out in the living room, garden or wherever you fancy, lie down, stretch, breathe and decompress    

It also just happens to make a superb beach mat, your sunshine holiday companion, a picnic essential, and even a practical and luxurious way to enjoy lounging around in your garden.  And if you are into Woodland Bathing then what could be better. Whenever or wherever relaxation or exercise is on the cards, it's an irresistible choice. 

Featuring all the benefits of the best yoga mats

We've taken into account every essential feature that makes a particularly fine yoga mat and combined them to create something which is

  • Keeps you stable in your yoga pose
  • Providing a comfortable, welcoming exercise surface
  • Made to last
  • Easy to carry
  • Simple wash and maintain
  • Environmentally friendly

Here’s the best bit

Our Yoga Rug Mat is fully machine Washable.  Yep that’s right, you can just unroll it then pop it in your washing machine at 30 degrees and then hang up to dry.  No scrubbing mats in the sink for us which leaves more time to stretch out, breathe and relax!

Whatever your style, taste and décor, we have a luxury Yoga Rug Mat design that'll delight your senses.  We have a selection of bold colours including rich Saffron, delicate Jade, deep Navy, dramatic Black and funky Denim.  We also have shining Silver, Gold and Rose Gold for those who like a little bling in their lives. Plus if you prefer to move away from plain, see our Jute Check version or our gloriously pretty Floral Yoga Rug Mat.  Why not check out the full collection.

Enhancing sleep, wellness & beauty

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