I’m an Anti- Ageing Limited Edition Eye Mask in gorgeous Edna Liberty Print Pink you see, so I know I look good.  My lush lavender scent, super soft silk fabric and fierce light banishing abilities also mean I’m one of the very best.  A super hero of an eye mask if you will!

I squealed with delight when, after being lovingly wrapped in tissue by Jo at Holistic Silk, I learned I was to be shipped to Denmark, the home of Hygge and Scandi -cool, where they totally get self-care and are known for their super healthy work-life balance.  

Being a perfectly packaged super model of the eye mask world, however, isn’t enough to guarantee me a fabulous future and my fate largely rested on whose hands I fell into, or rather whose eyes I would mask.

After my quick journey by road, rail and plane I arrived In Denmark, and was delivered to Mathilde, a fabulous woman who lives in Copenhagen with her husband Lucas, their dog and two young children. Feeling tired and run down, she’d mentioned that she wasn’t sleeping well to a friend, who recommended me.

When I first came into Mathilde’s life I could tell she was frazzled and felt the tell-tale tension in her forehead as she put me on that first night after a day spent at work, exercising and then looking after her young family.

I had to stifle a giggle that night when after tying me in a soft bow on the back of her head, she exclaimed to Lucas how wonderfully luxurious I felt next to her skin and how I fabulous I smelt – did she expect anything less? I’m lovingly crafted by Holistic Silk! 

Since then I’ve noticed Mathilde reaching for me more and more, not just every night before bed but also when she snatches a few minutes for herself in the afternoon to lie down and during relaxation at the end of her weekly yoga practice.   My favourite moment every day is when she wakes up, pushes me onto her forehead, peeks out below and smiles that smile only a good night’s sleep can bring, whilst thanking Lucas for her morning tea.

As an eye mask of the world, that enjoys the excitement of new sights, sounds and smells, what I truly love about Mathilde is her sense of adventure and how she regularly packs up the family (and me, of course) to get out and explore the delights of Denmark.

We visited Skagen during the summer and it was so special. I adored the magical light, the fresh and salty sea air and the family returning to the cabin every night, exhausted from their daily adventures playing on the sand dunes and swimming in the sea and to Mathilde easily drifting off each evening, these happy memories running through her mind and knowing that I was helping make a difference to her daily life.

I’ll never grow tired of life here in Denmark and look forward to Lucas’ birthday as Mathilde is planning to buy him a Classic Eye Mask of his own – a companion at last!



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