Scientists have recently found a zircon crystal in Australia dating back 4.4 billion years, incredibly old when the earth itself was only formed 4.5 billion years ago. No wonder humans have been fascinated by crystals for so many thousands of years.  And we are no exception.

Harnessing the power of crystals in our Chi Facial Massage Rollers, each featuring stunning pieces of beautiful, genuine, polished gemstone crystal, and in our Water Crystals and Helpiotrope Ear Plugs  these can help you feel absolutely fantastic inside and out. 

The stunning crystals that enhance these are so special they are astonishing. They are many, many millions of years old, made deep in the earth way before humans existed. Formed when liquid rock cools and hardens, the crystallisation process makes molecules pull together to create patterns, and every molecule, every pattern, creates a slightly different crystal. Precious emeralds, for example, are made from beryllium aluminum silicate and form when magma from volcanic activity cools very slowly, and diamonds – made from pure carbon - form in deep pipes under our beautiful planet's mantle. 

The Ancient Egyptians believed in crystal healing. Apparently Cleopatra and other ancient Egyptian royals wore Lapis Lazuli jewellery to help them access ancient knowledge. They ground up copper-rich malachite to prevent infections and even placed quartz crystals on the bodies of the dead to help them reach the afterlife. Healing crystals have been central to Chinese medicine for almost 5000 years, with acupuncture needles originally made from stone. Crystal healing has been part of many, many cultures through time, including the ancient Greeks and the Japanese, the Romans and various Indian cultures.

All this history and ancient wisdom sits behind our lovely products. Once you have chosen the correct crystal for you, simply apply it to your skin with the roller or allow it to instil its powers into your drinking water to feel the crystal magic working on your very soul. You'll feel wonderful and look great thanks to the sheer magic of crystals!   So here’s our guide to choosing the right crystal especially for you.

Why choose Gemstones?

We can't make any scientific claims about gemstone crystals and their powers of course, but there is a school of thought that believes there are many benefits to them.

Michael Gienger, the contemporary analytical crystal healing expert, tells us that crystals absorb energy and convert it into electric energy, with every different kind of crystal emitting a unique frequency.  He says that gemstone crystals have an abundance of healing properties recognised by traditional Chinese philosophy within its theory of the harmonious balance of the five elements - Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and Metal.

We offer an extensive choice of brilliant gemstones each with their own unique spiritual meaning:

Gemstone Facial Rollers

Designed to stimulate your circulation and harness acupressure to create toned, un-puffy skin our Chi Facial Massage Rollers are a proven way to relax, drain away tension and soothe your spirit.  Use it in bed, at your desk or as part of your daily beauty routine.  Either way, you'll feel calmer, more energised and ready for anything.  Choose from: 

  • Amethyst – Stimulates and soothes your mind and emotions
  • Aventurine – Calms you, reduces anxiety, helps you relax and promotes healing
  • Red Jade – Dispels worries and doubts, encouraging action
  • Rose Quartz – Reduces stress, cuts tension and increases levels of compassion
  • Serpentine – Increases self-regeneration and energy
  • White Moonstone -  Stimulates Kundalini energy and perception, perfect for insomnia
  • Yellow Jade – Brings about emotional stability and balance while improving relationships  

Crystal Water

The human body is made up of 60% water and we really should drink more of it.  We believe that the fresher and purer it is, the more wonderful it makes us feel.  Many people believe that adding Gem Crystals to drinking water can instil a positive energetic structure to it and that applying crystals to your skin allows them to deliver their healing power.  Why not try our Five Elements Crystal mix containing the following and see for yourself?

  • Amethyst – Detoxifying and helps to balance emotions, reducing fear, anger, sadness and anxiety
  • Blue Lace Agate - Cleansing and nurturing to bring peace of mind and boost communication skills
  • Fossilized Wood – Grounding and calming, creates a feeling of wellbeing and restores physical energy
  • Ocean Jasper – Relives stress and worry and encourages optimism
  • Rock Crystal – Encourages emotional clarity and amplifies energy

Have any questions or need more information or advice?   Then please email us [email protected] and we will do our best to assist.



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