The Magic Garden

By Kemi Nekvapil.  Coach. Speaker. Author

Like us, gardens need time to relax and stop producing.

My garden is well overdue for a break. It has given us 8 years of bountiful organic harvest. Every season I plant it out with seeds and seedlings and every season it delivers something.

It does not always deliver the same amount of tomatoes each year.

The apples may be bigger than the year before.

The carrots never work, nor does the basil. I have given up on the carrots; I choose not to put the work in. Carrots take work!

Basil: I will keep trying new techniques and methods because it is basil.

The strawberries may taste sweeter than two years ago.

And the garlic is the best it has ever been.

When we sow seeds in a garden we either get a harvest or we get a lesson.

I believe life is the same.

Sometimes we sow seeds into a relationship and we are disappointed with the harvest.

Sometimes we sow seeds into our careers and they bloom in a way we could never have imagined.

Even sitting in silence, having a cup of tea, playing with your children, these all sow seeds. Seeds of wellbeing, seeds of connection and trust.

I am not a that-will-do gardener. For me, gardening is an act of privilege; I get to play with Mother Nature while also having the ability to control it a little.

Two years ago I decided that I would only plant blue, purple and white flowers. That was fun but I am about to take on a new creative project, one that I would never have thought I would do, just because I can.

I will rest the garden for a year but I still want the magic of watching growth and beauty play together.

So last week, I ordered random seeds and seedlings from my favourite gardening gurus, Diggers Club: Cottage Garden Collection, Gambler’s Choice Bulbs, Summer Flowering Collection. There is every colour you can imagine.

Once I have planted these seedlings and sprinkled these seeds I will turn over all control. It is up to forces outside of me to do the rest. I can only plant the seeds and feed them. What happens then is called trust.

Life is the same isn’t it?

We can only plant and feed and then we have to trust. We have to turn over control.

My magic garden project is going to be interesting. It excites me. I am doing something I have never done before. I have no idea if it will work. I might thoroughly dislike my magic garden but there is only one way to find out.

And the times we are not sowing seeds are the times that we do not get anything.

No harvest and no lesson. No opportunity and no growth.

Some seeds are harder to plant than others. Which brings me back to the carrots; you get to choose if it is worth the work.

I urge you to keep sowing the seeds. To know that what is for you, will not pass you by.

Your harvest is coming. xx

Kemi is the world’s leading authority on Raw Beauty and has been in the well-being space for over 20 years. Her insights, challenges, musings and learnings show us how we can nourish our bodies, love ourselves and live fulfilled lives.

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