The New Year brings with it a fresh start; a sparkling white page on which to scribble what we want from the coming 12 months and, even more importantly, how we’re going to get there.

From 10 minutes on our Yoga Rug Mat each morning for meditation to help quieten a busy mind, to slipping on our relaxing Eye Mask a little earlier each night to treat our body to the rest it deserves or unwinding with our Hot Water Bottle to re-energise when we’re feeling run down, the only intentions that we set are super positive ones.

Intentions, you see, help dictate what we’re going to do, so we’re much more likely to manifest shiny new positive lifestyle changes by thinking deeply about what we truly want and why.

“An intention is a directed impulse of consciousness that contains the seed form of that which you aim to create,” Deepak Chopra.

Not sure where to start? Go on, we'll let you have a peek at ours then.

Firstly we are not going to embark on a whole new exercise regime which will last until Valentine’s if we are lucky and leave us feeling unworthy and defeated. Sleep is as important to our health as exercise so we are going to continue our daily exercise regime and ensure we are giving ourselves enough time to sleep well.

Our intention this year is to be kinder. Kinder to ourselves, to our family, our colleagues, even the surly bus driver that never says, ‘Good Morning’ actually, especially that bus driver. We’re going to shower him with kindness!

You know the negative self-talk in our heads, the unkind stuff that says we’re overweight so shouldn’t be tucking into the deliciously buttery croissant or that we have no self-discipline because we stayed up late watching Peaky Blinders?

We’re going to drown out that nasty inner fake news with loud Dolly Parton songs, positive affirmations and daily reminders of our intention. Be kind.

This isn’t about what we shouldn’t be doing or what we’re not doing, it’s simply what we’re going to do. Our body won’t be deprived of what we shouldn’t have, it will simply be nourished with healthy food, meditation and regular exercise.

Crucially, we’re going to listen out more carefully for the signals that we’re tired or stressed, such as a whirring mind and remedy it with a long hot bath or a night in as we guiltlessly cancel our plans and snuggle under a faux fur blanket.

What Next?

Great, we’ve set our intentions and can envision our chilled out, happy and glowing future-self so vividly that we can almost reach out and touch her, but what next?

We’ve got to keep the intention close and present and will use it as a mantra during our daily meditation or yoga practice.

We’ll repeat it in our heads when we’re tired and stuck in motorway traffic and someone just cut in front of us or when we’re self-sabotaging and telling ourselves that we aren’t clever enough or qualified enough to go for that sweet job promotion.

Unlike so many things in life, kindness is totally free, and we intend to give it generously.

Sweet dreams x

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