HOLISTIC SILK RETREAT The inspiration of Spring Flowers

It seems that Spring has now finally sprung.  The sun is showing its  face for more than the odd snatched half hour between clouds and spring flowers are bringing ever more colour to our gardens and lives. 

Much of my inspiration comes from nature, and my favourite time of year to inspire new colour choices is spring.  A time of renewal, growth and the emergence of colour and beauty courtesy of Spring flowers.   A diverse group of plants that burst forth with colour and fragrance after a long, cold winter, spring flowers are a joy to behold.  From delicate daffodils to bold tulips, from fragrant hyacinths to cheerful pansies, there is a spring flower for everyone.

The daffodil is of course the UK’s most iconic spring flower and once they start appearing you know the sun will not be far behind.  These proud, sunny yellow blooms are a harbinger of spring and are often one of the first flowers to bloom.  From tiny miniature varieties to large trumpet-shaped blooms, I am  lucky enough that here in Cornwall they grow with wild abundance in hedges, on verges and of course in our gardens creating a stunning display of yellow that never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Primula, or Primroses are one of the first plants to bloom in the spring, and it always amazes me how Their  pink, purple, red, white and my favourite, yellow blooms suddenly seem to appear on the edges of the lawn overnight,  as if by magic.  They are also a must have indoors to bring a touch of springtime during the colder months.

Often associated with springtime and new beginnings, Tulips are one of my favourites too and with their graceful blooms, in a rainbow of colours, from pastel pinks and yellows to bold reds and purples, they are always central to my Easter table decorations.  

Cultivated and appreciated by many cultures throughout history, including the Ottoman Empire, the Netherlands, and the United States,  I recently discovered that the word   "Tulip" originates  from the Persian word "toliban," which means turban, thanks to the  distinctive shape of their flowers; something I had never thought about before but they truly do!  Whilst not seen as often as daffodils on my local walks, there are some stunning Tulip displays planted in groups in neighbours gardens I can’t help but admire…and covet!  Making me think the same as every year’ maybe I will plant some Tulips for spring’…and never get round to doing!

There are of course many spring flowers; crocuses, snowdrops, and grape hyacinths to name but a few.  Whichever is your favourite, I hope that over this long weekend, you get to enjoy them for their beauty, their determination to bring colour and their inspiring reminder of the renewal and growth that comes with the changing seasons.

With love & light

Joanna x

PS: I just spotted the first two bluebells in my garden …summer if on its way!

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