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 Wearing Socks in Bed – Heavenly Sleep Awaits You! 

Have you tried wearing socks in bed?  It feels lovely. Your feet are not the least bit chilly and stiff, but cosy, comfy and flexible from the moment you get into bed.  No waiting for your feet to warm up, unable to sleep until they do.  Just a wonderful, smooth slide into deep, regenerative slumber that makes you feel fresh and lively the next morning.  As it turns out, there are real health benefits too.  Wearing socks in bed is definitely a good thing! 

The Science - wearing socks in bed means beautiful sleep 

According to research, sleeping with socks on is a reliable way to fall asleep faster - in fact often much faster - because once your body temperature is under control you enjoy a much more restful sleep experience, as well as one free from night sweats and hot flushes. The Chinese take things even further, claiming that sock wearing in bed encourages the positive flow of the life energy called Qi, along with better blood circulation.

When your feet are cold your blood vessels constrict so less blood circulates.  As the National Sleep Foundation says, warming your feet before you go to bed tells your brain that you're getting ready for sleep, giving it a clear signal via 'vasodilation', the process where your blood vessels dilate and distribute heat through the body.  This gradually and naturally prepares you for sleep and research reveals that the more vasodilation happens in the hands and feet, the faster we fall asleep.

Interestingly, wearing socks can also prevent hot flushes in older women and those who tend to 'run hot' at night.  Plenty of women find that wearing socks helps cool their core body temperature. If you happen to suffer from dry or cracked heels, a good moisturiser plus bed socks will help keep your heels from drying out and help soften the skin.  And when your feet are warm and your blood is circulating well it's even less likely you'll suffer an attack of Raynaud’s disease, where poor circulation can make your toes swell up and throb painfully.

If your circulation could do with a boost, a pre-bedtime foot massage should help get things flowing; our massaging slippers do this if you can’t find a willing person to help!  For extra luxury, warm your bed socks, very carefully for a few seconds, using a hair-dryer before putting them on.  And bear in mind that adding a few drops of Capsaicin Cream – an active component in hot chilli peppers – to your massage oil or moisturiser also adds a magical natural warmth that heats your feet even faster.

Please note that while compression socks are designed to improve circulation by increasing the blood flow, they're not suitable to wear in bed because they encourage blood to flow away from your feet.

Perfect Bed Socks

We're delighted to stock a colourful array of Soft Wool Bed Socks made here in the UK using the finest Mohair.  They are special for several reasons.  

For a start they're easy and fast to wash and dry but surprisingly difficult to shrink.  They're almost impossible to turn into felt too, something that can happen with other wool socks when they're washed in water that is too hot.  Their secret is in the Mohair, a natural fabric whose fibres are actually stronger than steel.  In fact Mohair is the most durable of all as far as animal fibres go and even if you are allergic or sensitive to sheeps wool it won't irritate your skin.  Mohair also transfers moisture well, so means your feet won't get damp and its anti-bacterial properties can only be a bonus.  

Because Mohair absorbs dye so well the colours of these socks are jewel-like, featuring a naturally lustrous finish making Soft Wool Bed Socks the perfect complementary product line for us; being beautiful as well as practical.  

They're made in Britain using traditional machinery, knitted from beautiful wool gathered from a prize winning East Devon herd.  They feature an elastic-free, ribbed top, a smooth hand-linked toe seam and are made from luscious 55% Mohair, loved for its silky smooth, hard-wearing nature. The socks are machine washable, super comfortable and include exactly the right percentage of JAS Nylon to create the perfect amount of stretch they are a treat to wear.

If you'd like to enhance your sleep and perfect your night-time comfort levels, why not try these Mohair Bed Socks?  Your feet are worth it!



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