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Sleeping Well In September

Are you partial to balmy summer evenings in the garden, soaking up faux Ibizan vibes and guzzling Aperol Spritz, when really you should be in bed? Perhaps you’ve been sleeping fitfully on those hot and stuffy nights, and letting the kids stay up later than usual because they’re on holiday.

The sunnier months take their toll on the family sleep routine, which is why, with the dog days of summer behind us and school days ahead, we’re embracing a sensible sleep routine for September, just in time for the Sleep Council’s Sleeptember Campaign.

Putting our very best clean sleep hygiene advice into practice, we’re encouraging deep and restorative sleeps for everyone, helping to shake off any post-holiday blues and prepare the kids for waking up early for the new term.

Armed with a battery of sumptuous sleep enhancing tools, including our Anti-Ageing Silk PillowcaseEye MasksEye PillowDeeply Relaxing Scented Candle and Swiss Pine Pouch, we’re going to consciously uncouple from late nights, to feel well rested and our sparkly best for the changing seasons and hope that you will join us too.

The Kid’s Bedtime Routine

They won’t thank you for it now, but bringing forward your child’s bedtime and wake-up time by 15 minutes, every three days or so, will gradually prepare them for going to bed and waking up earlier for school.

Try to monitor when they are falling asleep and then introduce the next 15-minute change to their bedtime once they are drifting off within 15-20 minutes of going to bed.

Their ideal bedtime depends, in a large part, on their age and so use the NHS sleep guidelines to help you work backwards from their required wake-up time.

Bringing Back Your Bedtime Routine

Between going on holiday, soaking up the sun and the craziness that comes with the kids being off school, it’s easy to let your own self-care standards slip.

Prioritise good sleep and so, once you’ve got the little ones off to bed, carve out 30–60 minutes each night for properly unwinding before you slip under the covers. Getting into this habit now will prepare you for winter when the nights are long and dark and the winter blues can take hold. 

Light your Deeply Relaxing Scented Candle and unwind with some gentle stretches or bedtime yoga on our dreamy Yoga Rug Mat, follow with a hot soak in the bath and then pop into bed for some reading and by reading, we don’t mean scrolling through Instagram on your phone.  

At lights out spend ten minutes winding down with our Lavender Eye Pillow before slipping on a Classic Eye Mask to block out any light and fill your senses with lovely lavender.  Inhale deeply, and then rest your head on our decadent Anti-Ageing Silk Pillowcase which will have you leaping out of bed 8 hours later, fresh faced, without any nasty pillow creases.

Our Top Tips For Sleeping Well This September

  • Go to bed and wake up the same time each night/morning, even on weekends.
  • Ban the TV from the bedroom and reduce screen time at least one hour before bed.
  • Set your alarm on a proper clock, not on your phone.  If it isn’t by the bed you won’t be tempted to check for notifications if you wake in the night.
  • Keep your bedroom dark, clutter free and relatively cool, around 18-21 degrees Celsius.


Sleep well x

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