Gorgeous Silk Velvet – Heavenly Fabric for Heavenly Products!  

Velvet is amazing.  It feels soft and fluid, the light falls on it in a special way that makes it glow, and it's wonderfully, magically soft.  But when that velvet is made from Silk... well, that makes it even more special.  Silk Velvets are the ultimate in luxury, extremely expensive and difficult to make.  Here's everything you need to know about it. 

About Silk Velvet

Velvet is a woven tufted fabric with a short dense pile and soft, distinctive feel.  When velvet is made from silk it has a sheen like no other, a beautiful lustre all of its own that's borne out by the way it feels – super soft and smooth with a wonderful flow. 

What determines the brightness and softness of velvet?  It's all down to the fibres used and the way they're combined together.  Viscose is extremely lustrous, adding shimmer to synthetic velvets.  Linen gives velvet fabrics a dense, matt feel which is excellent at absorbing dye.  Cotton velvet is harder wearing, with a soft drape and a shorter pile than a silk velvet – we use this type on the reverse of our Limited Edition and Classic Eye Masks.  And while synthetics like polyester and nylon create shimmering velvets, they don't feel particularly soft and tend to be heavier than silk velvet; that’s we chose this type for our Silk Velvet collection. 

Our lush Silk Velvet collection

A unique collection of Hot Water Bottles and Lavender Eye Masks, both of which feature a beautifully soft cotton velvet lining and now Scrunchies too this collection is sumptuous and decadent.   

Our award winning Eye Mask design provides a deeper, more restorative sleep thanks to the natural dried Lavender it contains and its tie-once ribbons and the design which blocks out 100% of the light.  To revive the lovely aroma, simply squeeze the lavender inside.  It's perfect for people who suffer from insomnia, anxiety and migraine. 

The Hot Water Bottle is an ancient remedy, and one that is surprisingly effective.  It remains one of the best aids to support stress relief and provide comfort. No wonder our wonderful Silk Velvet Hot Water Bottle is so good at promoting relaxation and sleep.  With an incredibly soft, fully lined Silk Velvet cover encompassing a superior quality two litre Fashy bottle and a Lavender sachet which emits a subtle fragrance, think super-soft warm teddy bear and that’s exactly what you have!  

Why would you use a hot water bottle?   

Once your body temperature is right you can enjoy a much more restful sleep, free from hot flushes.  When you're chilly in bed your blood vessels constrict, which means less blood circulates and you feel cold.  When you're snug, on the other hand, your brain knows you're getting ready for sleep and sends a clear signal that naturally prepares you for slumber.  If you don't want to wear socks in bed, it's a great alternative and can even protect you from Raynaud’s disease, where poor circulation makes your toes swell and throb. 

How about the science?  As reported by The Guardian a hot water bottle really can relieve deep pain, with something as simple as a hot compress able to close off the usual pain response involved in stomach aches, period pains and more.  The heat provides comfort and has a strong painkiller-like placebo effect, deactivating pain at a molecular level.  

The very best in comfort 

Proven effects, stunning design, and wonderful workmanship sits at the heart of everything we do and our Silk Velvet Collection is no different.  But don’t’ just take our word for it, try it for yourself and enjoy deeper relaxation, better sleep and a rejuvenated spirit in stylish Silken comfort.

Enhancing sleep, wellness & beauty

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