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Setting Good Intentions For 2017

Did you guzzle a little too much fizz over the festive period? Maybe you tucked into mountains of cheese? Or watched more than the recommended amount of Netflix? It’s tempting to set New Year’s resolutions that ban all delicious treats and see us pay for our overindulgences over Christmas.

Yet we believe there’s a better way. A way to set positive intentions for the year ahead that we’ll actually stick to.

Not only will they leave us feeling healthier and happier in 2017 but there’s no self-denial involved. That means we can still have the odd piece of brie if we fancy it.

First of all, and this is very important, we’re going to be kinder to ourselves. You should too. The world is tricky enough without feeling like a failure if we skip a gym session or order in a curry one night instead of making it from scratch.

That’s not to say that we don’t want to feel our very best. Of course we do. We want more energy and vitality. We want to be healthy and shine from within. So with that in mind, we’ve set some good intentions for 2017 and suggest that you try and embrace them too.

Move More

It doesn’t have to be slogging away on the treadmill.  If you hate the gym then don’t go.  Exercise should be enjoyable, it gets the heart rate up and the endorphins flowing. With desk jobs and long commutes and supermarket shops and school runs, it’s not always easy to fit exercise in.

There’s 1140 minutes in a day. Try and carve out 30, or maybe even 60, when you can get moving. Download an audio book, pop on your trainers and hit the pavements, unfurl your Yoga Rug Mat, light a Deeply Relaxing Scented Candle and get stretching or go to the gym.

Do what you enjoy and do it regularly. You will feel better – we promise!

Sleep More

A deep and restorative sleep isn’t a luxury. Scrimping on sleep might seem like a cunning way to fit more into the day but you won’t be at your best. Aim for at least eight hours a night and do it properly, an amazing sleep doesn’t just happen.

We recommend establishing a sleep ritual beginning with some light yoga, followed by a hot bath and then screen-free time before bed. Our Deeply Relaxing Scented Candle, Yoga Rug Mat and Lavender Silk Eye Mask, should be a vital part of your slumber time arsenal.

As a result expect deep sleeps, improved energy levels and better concentration and decision making.

Drink More Water

It’s so simple and yet so effective. Aim for around 8 glasses of water a day and give it a well-being boost with our Water Crystals.

Slow Down

The internet is fast. Our food is fast. Deliveries are fast. If we’re not careful then we’ll be swept along, moving from work to bed, to the weekends, without stopping to appreciate the beauty in the small moments.

Join us in slowing down and not always being busy. Sometimes it’s OK to walk with no purpose. Or sit down on a bench and watch the world go by.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017! Xxx 

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