September, it’s the calm after summer and before the storm that is that big day in three months we refuse to discuss yet.

We’ve spent the summer slathering on sunscreen, conjuring up kids entertainment from thin air, hosting BBQ’s and staying up late to enjoy balmy summer evenings whilst still doing everything else we normally do.  September is our time. 

Time to enjoy the simple things.  An undisturbed cup of tea, secretive Poldark episode or simple downtime.  The time to do that Yoga session we saw online a month ago, get that pedicure we promised ourselves before the summer or maybe just be.  Just be, and do nothing.  Just for ten whole minutes.

Of course September sees everyday routines resurrected, school runs, commutes, work, lazy Sunday breakfasts.  And whilst we all return to routines, sleep is the most important and the one we often easily sacrifice. 

Remember Grans favourite advice?  ‘Babies need routine to help them sleep and grow’, oh how right she was, although we would never have told her because we are modern! 

But whether we like it or not she was right, but more importantly it’s not just for babies.  A regular bedtime routine, or ritual if you want to be uber modern, encourages better sleep, preparing us for what the day ahead brings.  So as we do for babies, we should do for ourselves. 

We all need a sleep sanctuary.  Soft lights, soothing colours, relaxing scents and absolutely no screens.  Sorry, but we have to be strict on this one!  The blue light screens emit affect Melatonin production and without increased levels of this hormone in our bodies we simply won’t sleep properly.  And you know Gran would never have allowed it.

Better nights really do lead to better days.  More energy, increased concentration levels, more time for Poldark.  So let’s try to follow the same routine each night when preparing for bed.  Bath, pj’s, warm drink, bedtime story…sorry regressed a tad too far then!

By creating a routine we will generally stick to along with a regular bedtime we will sleep easier and deeper with our bodies naturally recognising the signals to prepare itself to complete the vital overnight tasks it performs to keep us healthy.

And finally, we must sleep in the dark.  If we only do one thing for our sleep, then please let’s sleep in the dark.   However we achieve it, thick curtains, blackout blinds, an eye mask, sleeping in the dark keeps those Melatonin levels high enough to help us all sleep soundly and deeply…just like babies.

Happy September & Sweet Dreams

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