Back to school – Reminisce, feel renewed, start a fresh routine

Back to school.  Is there another phrase this full of memories, meaning, and nostalgia?

Even if you’re not sending your own children back to school, this time of year whisks most of us back to our childhood.  That’s why September doesn’t just mark the end of summer.  It signals the beginning of new things, whatever your age.  And it’s lovely to mark life’s occasions, however small or simple.

Put all this together and this is the perfect time of year to reminisce, enjoy feelings of newness and start a new routine.  You could even start a fresh new slate.  After all, clean slates can happen at any time not just New Year.

Those magical childhood memories

Six whole weeks off, no lessons, no school, no teachers.  It’s such fun.  But by the end of it, weren’t you dying to get back to school again, to see what everyone’s been up to and revive those intense childhood friendships?

When you got back to school, were your friends the same?  A six week break at school age is enough for things to change dramatically.  A little girl returns in September looking like a super-model.  A sweet little boy grows a beard.  Your friends are taller.  They’ve developed new passions, met interesting people over the holidays and experienced exciting new places.

It’s a thrill seeing your old mates, the faces you love, but also thrilling to see how different you are, how much you’ve all grown up.  You don’t just have a new uniform and new hairstyle.  You have a new outlook on life, the universe and everything.  

So what are you going to do as an adult with September’s fresh feeling of renewal?  Ignore it?  Or surf the wave to create a lovelier lifestyle?  Chuck out an unhelpful habit or take up a fabulously positive one?  You could even have fun with a one-in, one-out policy where you discard a bad habit and replace it with something that enhances your life, makes you happier, healthier, calmer, more relaxed, more creative... whatever will make you feel the most wonderful.  

We’re into the best sleeps on earth.  Our products are created with the ultimate relaxation and sleep in mind.  Here’s what we recommend for a beautiful new sleeping habit this September.

Why great sleep matters

Great sleep helps us achieve two of the twenty first century’s most cherished ambitions; mindfulness and wellbeing.  When you’re properly rested your brain is at its best. You’re insightful and creative.  Feeling bright and alive means you’re full of ideas and inspiration.  Your body is strong and your emotions work to regulate and support a confident, calm inner self.  You look as good as you feel.  Life is more magical.    

It’s easy to drift into bad sleep habits.  Perhaps you sleep on a rough cotton pillow that leaves your skin rumpled and lined and your hair dry and rough.  You might be dragging yourself around in a dressing gown you’ve had for years.  Maybe you don’t have a regular bedtime, it’s all over the place.  Let’s re-set and refresh your sleep habits for the autumn so you feel brighter, more confident and filled with verve, even first thing in the morning.

Welcome to our world, where bedtimes and mornings are beautiful.  In our world bedtime is a smooth, calming experience that sets us up for a beautiful day, whatever the weather.   When the beginning of the day starts well, the rest feels gorgeous.

We recommend you start a chilled bedtime routine and stick to it to improve your sleep, get the amount of rest your body and mind need and wake feeling fantastic.  And treat yourself to all this!

Luxury 100% Mulberry Silk sleep masks enriched with lavender

Wear a smooth, soft, real Mulberry Silk sleep mask enriched with lavender.  Made using 100% pure Satin Silk front and back, it’s crafted with love to our award winning ergonomic design.  The pure Silk helps stop your skin creasing and prevents dehydration, leaving normal, sensitive and maturing skin feeling soft and deliciously smooth.  No wonder it’s so highly recommended by dermatologists for an effective night-time skincare routine. 

22 momme Mulberry Silk and a collection of stunning colours and patterns make this lovely hypoallergenic mask so light and comfortable it feels almost weightless.  It doesn’t drag your skin.  The generous size means it rests on your cheekbones and forehead rather than the delicate eye area, blocking out light for truly restorative sleep.  Soft Velvet ties and a filling of real lavender flowers make it a beauty sleep essential.  

Slide into a super-slinky Silk Kaftan and... relax 

Next, replace that old robe, dressing gown or kaftan.  Making bedtime and mornings into a ritual you love means treating yourself to something silky and special.  Our luxury Kaftan makes lounging a delight.  Exquisitely made, it’s a feast of rich 100% 22 momme Pure Mulberry Silk.  An ultra-glamorous way to chill, this is exactly what you need for luxurious relaxing, sleeping, drifting around, and preparing for another positive, satisfying, enjoyable day.  It even has its own pretty Organza storage bag.

Make sleepy feet happy with our stunning Massaging Slippers

The sweet, delicate patterns of  Kinran Japanese Brocade are the star of the show in our popular Massaging Slippers, a wonderful way to soothe tired feet during the day, chill down at night and make your mornings a delight.

The removable magnetic insoles help improve your circulation, relieve aching legs and feet, support pain relief and boost the metabolism.  It’s a Reflexology thing, stimulating reflex points in the feet relating to the digestive and lymphatic systems.  Originally designed as an in-flight travel slipper to help with the circulation and prevent swelling, they’re perfect for all-day wear as well as a bedtime and morning treat.  So much better than ordinary slippers.

That’s better!

There you are. Three simple ways to change your sleep routine from something awkward, uncomfortable and unsatisfying to an event you look forward to, enriching your nights to leave you feeling fabulous in the mornings.  We wish you positive change for September, the kind of change that makes you feel like it’s the first day back at school.  




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