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Imagine settling down in a comfy chair in a calm, quiet space and surrendering yourself to the wonderfulness of the acupressure points in your eye area being gently stimulated and a wave of  clarity and calm washing over you.

 Twenty-three years ago Holistic Silk founder Joanna imagined just that which inspired her to create our Dupion Silk Lavender Eye Pillow.  It is quite simply our hero product and one we couldn’t live without.  

 Here's everything you need to know about our hero Lavender Eye Pillow, voted Best Plastic Free Beauty Product in the 2023 Global Green Beauty awards, the latest in a very long list of awards and accolades!

 Lovingly made and Inspired by acupressure & nature

Each eye pillow is hand filled with real Lavender flowers and organic seeds until the perfect weight is achieved, then lovingly hand finished by Joanna herself so that this nature and acupressure inspired creation is simply perfect.

An alternative medicine technique very like acupuncture, acupressure developed with the ancient concept of life energy in mind, namely the energy that flows through the 'meridians' of your body.  Applying physical pressure to acupuncture points can clear blockages in these meridians.  Take a moment now to try for yourself.  Very gently place two fingertips across your eye lids and leave them there for a minute and you should start to feel yourself relax.

 Lavender flowers are believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and research suggests Lavender may be useful in treating anxiety, insomnia, depression and restlessness.  Some say it can help with digestive issues when made into a tea and it's sometimes used to relieve headaches and toothaches.  There is anecdotal evidence that Lavender can also help combat fungal infections, heal wounds, treat alopecia and act as pain relief.  One thing is 100% certain – it smells wonderful and feels fantastic! 

 Simple to use

 If you're feeling tense it'll bring you sweet calm.  If you want to relax it'll block out light and help you quieten your busy mind.  If you're struggling to cope with a headache it'll relieve the pain and help tense muscles relax.  It's great for strained, sore eyes, effective for treating sinus pain and even a really good treatment for that hangover!

 Designed to simply slot into everyday life these three simple steps are your route to relaxation and calm.

 Step One:           Gently roll the Eye Pillow between your hands to release the lovely Lavender fragrance

Step Two:           Place the Eye Pillow gently across the eye area so it fills the eye's contours

Step Three:        Lie back and enjoy the sensation of coolness, of soothing well-being

 For the ultimate sleep, use our fabulous Lavender Eye Pillow for ten minutes before drifting off.

Available in a variety of sumptuous colours, carefully stored in a gorgeous Organza bag the Lavender Eye Pillow was designed to delight, comfort and relax you at any time…and it does!



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