What痴 The Difference Between Our Silks?

Silk definitions are often misconstrued, so here is a quick explanation...

Silk material is a 100% natural fibred woven fabric and has varying names according to its weave, weight and density.  The weight of woven Silk fabric is determined by the thickness of thread and style of weave used.  

Warp threads are the vertical threads in a fabric and the weft are the horizontal threads.  According to how the loom is set up, ie. how many warp and weft threads are separated at a time, this will determine the style of Silk weave fabric produced. 

Of the three fundamental types of Silk weave “Satin, Plain Weave & Twill”, Holistic Silk favours the use of Satin and Plain Weave Silks.   


Mulberry Satin Silk = Satin Weave

To make Satin Mulberry Silk, four or more weft yarns are floated over a warp yarn, then four warp yarns are floated over a single weft yarn by the loom.  This diagonal floating pattern creates a highly glossy and even sheen, hence its name Satin.  It is this Satin weave and the pure Mulberry Silk fibre that gives our Mulberry Silk the mirror smooth, friction free finish which is so good for hair and skin.


Dupion Silk =  Plain Weave

Used for our Lavender Eye Pillows and Classic Lavender Eye Masks, Dupion Silk is produced by using fine thread in the warp and uneven slubbed thread reeled from two or more entangled cocoons in the weft.  This weave creates a tightly woven Silk material with a highly lustrous surface.  The varying thickness of the Silk thread in the weft creates Dupion’s characteristic slubs and unevenness, which in turn catches the light bringing a  striking regal shimmer and sumptuousness to the material.  For an even more stunning effect in Dupion Silk, the warp and the weft fibers can be different colors to create a shot effect which means the fabric colour can look subtly different according to which angle you look at it, adding an even deeper shimmer and an exquisitely rich quality to the fabric.


Momme Count = Weight and Thickness

You are probably aware that cotton sheets are often referred to by thread count – momme is the Silk version and refers to the number of Silk threads per square inch.  We use 22 momme because of its supple flexibility and smooth finish, yet moderate weight.  It’s the weightiest we can go without stiffness. 22 momme Silks are light enough to bring an almost weightless super smooth feel on wearing, whilst also being robust enough for everyday use - including machine washing.  This makes it the perfect choice for many of Holistic Silk’s creations.

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