Mulberry Silk, an unassuming beauty hero

Renowned not only for their outstanding good looks, Mulberry Silk sleep and beauty products are the beauty world’s hidden secret weapon.

Holistic Silk Mulberry Silk Hair Turbans, Mulberry Silk Pillowcases,  Mulberry Silk Kaftans,  and  Mulberry Silk Scrunchies are all beautifully, smooth, soft, silky and exactly what your beauty routine has been waiting for! 

What is 22 momme Mulberry silk?

Mulberry Silk is the best type of silk for protecting your hair and skin.  Specifically woven using longer silk threads to create a mirror smooth finish which skin and hair glide across. 

Silk contains Sericin which brings an added benefit, cleverly mirroring the protein structure found in human skin and hair - Silk is nature’s gift to help leave skin and hair feeling unusually soft and smooth.

Momme (mm) is used to measure the density and quality of Silk fabric.  Imagine a piece of Silk is a hundred feet long and forty five inches wide.  If it weighs 22 pounds the density of the silk is 22 momme.  The higher the momme weight, the higher the amount of Silk used to make the fabric and so the better the quality it is.  Higher momme Silk is also more durable and better suited for everyday use, especially for bedding.  And best of all, it is machine washable.

No friction here!

Overnight friction increases tangling, hair breakage and natural overnight hair loss so sleeping on, or wrapping your hair in friction free silk is key to protecting it whilst you sleep. 

And sleeping friction free doesn’t benefit only your hair.  In exactly the same way as friction damages your hair, it damages your skin.  Drying it out and damaging the surface layers leading to irritation, damage and the one thing we all hate, sleep creases.

Mulberry Silk Hair Turban – Protect your crowning glory

You may have come across Silk Hair Turbans before, but not this good or this comfortable.  Why are ours different?  Because we made certain the effective, glossiest, mirror smooth side of the Silk sits against your hair providing a perfect fuss free solution to naturally control hydration, reduce frizz, and reduce split ends.  It can also help preserve that wonderful new straightening treatment or blow-dry. 

All of this whilst you sleep in supreme comfort and serious style!

The Turban wraps every strand of your hair, protecting it from overnight damage while you sleep.  Unlike others on the market our Turban is tie, knot and fastening free.  Just using a super-simple soft front twist which allows you to create the perfect fit, every time. All it takes is a tiny sliver of elastic at the nape of the neck to keep it in place all night long.

Simply scoop the Turban's shiny side against dry hair, twist it twice at the front then bring it back across your head to sit at the nape of your neck.  It's really easy, really comfy and very effective.  Choose from Cream, Jade, Rose or Navy, all in luscious 22 momme, machine washable, Mulberry Silk.

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Take one ordinary pillow.  Lie down for the night and the cotton or polyester it's made from will drag at your skin leaving wrinkles and lines, some so small they're hard to see but the effect soon stacks up. And that’s not to mention the damage it causes to you hair; split ends, breakage and dryness are all exacerbated by cotton bedding.  Use a Silk Pillowcase on the other hand and it glides smoothly over your skin and hair protecting it whilst you dream.

Using our luxurious Mulberry Silk Pillowcase means the friction is cut dramatically, with as much as 50% less drag on your skin.  Which in turn minimises skin creasing, sleep lines, 'bed hair' and frizz.  It's widely recommended by both stylists and dermatologists as effective night care for the skin.

Made from luxurious 22 momme Silk, Holistic Silk Pillowcases are crafted to our own unique design, piped to perfection around the edges.  Inside you'll find beautiful French seams and a smart 'no gape' reverse closure.  And every Pillowcase comes with a removable sachet of dried Lavender.  Choose from Cream, White, Jade, Navy and Rose.

Mulberry Silk Hair Scrunchies

Use an ordinary scrunchie and your hair emerges all kinky and frizzy, let’s not even mention the hair you find attached that has, unfortunately, been lost to it. 

Our 22 momme Mulberry Silk Hair Scrunchies don't do that.  They gently protect your hair, avoiding creases and kinks as well as preventing snagging, hair damage and hairs being torn out.  It's strong enough to hold any hairstyle, gentle enough not to cause damage and brings a little touch of luxury to your everyday look.  Complete with in its own little Organza storage bag you can choose from Cream, Florentine, Jade, Navy, Rose and White Silk. 

Mulberry Silk Kaftan

The most comfortable item of clothing you will ever possess.

Dating back centuries, Kaftans have adorned some of the world’s most historical and glamorous people.  From Cleopatra, ancient Sultans sporting intricately decorated Kameez to bohemians in the 1970’s - they are still recognised as a classic and loved and worn today. 

A modest, stylish and unusually elegant way to cover up our Grecian Goddess inspired Kaftan is the latest edition to our Pure Silk range.  This glorious kaftan’s long line silhouette has a flattering, loose cut fit, pretty V-neck, soft drawstring waist, elegant drape sleeves and side vents.  Flattering every body shape, this Kaftan IS opulent lounging at its best.  Our Kaftan is 100% natural Silk, lightweight, easy to care for, won’t damage your skin and can even help regulate body temperature.

Slip it on, lie back and enjoy decadent lounging and relaxation in style and comfort.



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