Lynn Khoury Soubra, Founder & Managing Director of Lynn’s Apothecary, one of Lebanon’s finest curated clean beauty stores and Holistic Silk stockist, shares her day with us.

1: How do you start your day?

I wake up at 6am, get my eldest daughter (five years old) ready for school and her bus pick up.  Drink my coffee in bed and quickly browse through my social media channels and emails.  Spend some time with my youngest daughter (two and a half years old) and get her ready for kindergarten.  Take a shower and get on with my morning skincare routine.  Sometimes I have time to have breakfast at home, sometimes not.  I leave the house at 8:30am, drop my youngest to kindergarten and head to work.  

2: What gets you going? (exercise/ wellbeing routine)

I usually exercise but lately with my hectic schedule I’ve been missing out on my workout routine, which I should get back to asap as it is an essential part of my wellbeing!  My skincare routine, whether at night or in the morning, allows me in the span of a crazy day, to take some time for myself.  The beauty of the products I use, which are all clean beauty, is that not only do they make you look good but they also have amazing effects on your senses, at night to relax and in the morning to uplift.  I also take great care of the quality of the food I eat and take essential supplements such as probiotics.

3: Where you are most inspired?

I am usually the most inspired when I am in my store.  It has such a positive energy and often the interaction I have with my clients triggers new ideas.  I am also very much inspired when I am immersed in the latest news and industry reports about the fascinating world of clean beauty/wellbeing and the inspirational people making a change in this space.  I am constantly feeding myself with the latest research, insights, discoveries and brand launches, to be able to continuously grow and bring something new and different to my business and clients.    

4: You are a successful business woman now, but what advice would you give your younger self?

Be focused.  Don’t try to do everything under the sun.  Find a niche that you are passionate about and make sure every decision or action you take is still aligned with your founding vision.

5: What cause are you currently championing? 

I am currently trying to build more awareness in my country and the Middle East/Gulf region on the beautiful world of clean beauty.  We have already introduced more than 30 brands for the first time in Lebanon.  My aim is to bring our clients a new experience in self-care by showcasing the positive results that scientifically developed, natural beauty products can have on your skin and on your mind.

6: How do you relax and switch off?  

After work, I run to my daughters to be with them for their night-time routine.  This is a time where I try to switch off as much as possible, to spend quality time with them in the short amount of time left of the day. mOn weekends as well I try to switch off to truly be with them.  This part is more about switching off but not relaxing!

At night when they are asleep it’s a glass of champagne, good music and a nice outing with my friends that is the best remedy for me to relax.

7: What’s your guilty pleasure?

A glass of good wine or champagne.  French fries

8: If you have to choose only one beauty product to use for the next 7 days, what would you pick?

Vanderohe N.1 Nourishing Serum (and a good cleanser always).

9: Do you sleep well, what is your bedtime routine? 

I sleep relatively well when my daughters don’t wake me up at night!  I have my night skincare routine that consists of double cleansing, toning, serums and moisturisers.  A couple of times a week I add a night mask.  This routine is essential to make me feel good and unwind.  Then I’ll often have a herbal tea, my supplements and sleep on my Holistic Silk Pillowcase always!

10: And the final question… your favourite Holistic Silk item and why

The Holistic Silk Anti Ageing Pillowcase.  Since I started using it I never wake up with face creases anymore.  I used to always wake up with creases that would last hours and it used to bother me a lot and make me fear premature wrinkles!  I also feel I have less hair loss - I am not sure if it’s the pillowcase or not, but I think it helped a lot!

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