Love the changing season, embrace the delights of autumn 

The changing seasons are part of British life.  It’s a rhythm we respond naturally to, a rhythm that acts as a backdrop for our lives on this funny little island. The change of seasons brings excitement as well as change, a time when we embrace autumn, enjoy the season’s stunning colours, snuggle into warmer clothes and gently prepare ourselves for the country’s short, dark winter. 

Some people dread the onset of autumn because it hints at winter, some bear with it, others take it in their stride and a few of us take the opportunity to fall in love with autumn all over again.  We like to make the most of the change, so let’s take a positive look at the delights of the coming season. Here’s our autumn survival guide. 

Gorgeous autumn colours 

Whether or not you’re going to actually wear them, autumn colours are special.  Think metallics, from glorious shimmering gold to coppery browns and oranges.  Think fiery oranges, deep reds and subtle mustard shades.  Team them with black for a sophisticated autumn look or with whites or creams for a pure, clean look that complements the season’s gentle ambience.  This is the time of year to bring your soft, comfy winter woollies out of storage, along with jewel-like brocades and luxurious silks. 

Layering for lovely warmth

By the end of the summer, are you bored with summer clothes?  The change of style that autumn brings makes the new season fun and it’s always enjoyable rediscovering old autumn and winter favourites.

Autumn is all about layering.  One day the sky is spectacularly blue and clear, the next it’s low and misty.  At the start of the week it’s wild and windy, by day two it’s perfectly still and calm.  One day it’s hot, the next it’s properly cold.  Layering your clothing, from delicate to thick and woolly, means you take the changes in your stride, always comfortable and always looking good.

Feel the fresh crispness of the air

Breathe it in!  The scents of autumn are evocative and delicious.  The scent of wet leaves and misty dew, the smell of bonfires, the fragrance of damp grass.  In a world where the average person can detect at least a trillion different smells, a lot more than the old estimate of ten thousand, being more conscious of autumn’s natural fragrances is deeply pleasurable.

Love the autumn landscapes

This is a wonderful time of year for walking, which just happens to be one of the simplest, best and most enjoyable ways to exercise.  Take a brisk daily walk and notice the natural landscape, city and townscape change as the summer dies and autumn edges its way into our lives.  Falling leaves reveal hidden vistas lost from view since May.  When there’s a blue sky it’s a different blue from summer, a vast cool bowl of deliciously fresh air to invigorate and inspire you.

When the leaves fall from the branches the sounds of the world change, too.  Faraway sounds come closer in the chilled air and they’re so much clearer, simply because sound moves faster in warm air than colder air, and travels further.  The birds sing less, which means you’re more conscious of the lovely subtle sounds the wind makes through the bare trees.  Even the sea’s watery song changes from a warm, bright tone to something more energetic and powerful.  Noticing these natural changes means you appreciate the new season in all its glory.  Winter might be on the way but in the meantime, there’s this fresh, fleeting, golden beauty to enjoy.     

Treat your skin and hair to lots of loveliness

Cold weather and wind can play havoc with your hair and skin.  This is the time for soothing, scented treats to moisturise and nourish the outer you.  Creamy face masks, luxury moisturisers, delicious bath and shower products, they help you feel pampered, cared for, prepared for the snow, the ice, the sleet and the gales.

Create a lovely autumn ambience

This is the time of year to bank up the fire, pile up lots of lovely, soft woollen blankets to snuggle into, enjoy warm spicy wine and treat yourself to the things that make you feel, warm, cosseted, safe and positive.  It’s the time when you gently prepare for winter, so the bone-deep chills aren’t such a shock to the system when they finally arrive.  Focus on good food, great company, pleasurable activities and of course night after night of fabulous sleep thanks to the cooler, fresher air. 

Sleep your way into lovely autumn oblivion

In summer the weather’s so lovely, you want to leap out of bed early and make the most of every scrap of it.  As autumn deepens it’s time to enjoy the pleasure of long, deep, relaxing sleeps.  Have you seen our unique range of luxury sleep, relaxation and wellness products?  They’re designed with love and made with skill and care.  Our collection has been created to support fair trade and ethical production as well as give our customers a uniquely luxurious sleep experience.  You’ll wake naturally feeling calm, chilled, nurtured and prepared for everything the British winter can throw at you.




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