Rituals for relaxation

Long winter nights - Rituals for relaxation

“Despite the absence of a direct causal connection between the ritual and the desired outcome, performing rituals with the intention of producing a certain result appears to be sufficient for that result to come true. Many everyday rituals make a lot of sense and are surprisingly effective.” Scientific American magazine. 

As the seasons change, so do our daily rhythms.  Right now we’re diving back into winter.  In brighter weather you’d maybe take a walk after your evening meal, sit in the garden for a while and enjoy the balmy loveliness of it all.  But at this time of year life is about keeping cosy, chilling out and relaxing.  Hibernating, if you like!  So how can you relax on these long winter nights?  Let’s explore some effective rituals for wintery relaxation.

Why set up rituals?

A ritual is simply an act you perform with purpose and intention. Rituals are a great way to slow down and reconnect with yourself and the universe, symbolic behaviours we do before, during and after meaningful events.  Every culture on the planet has rituals.  They can be done alone or with others, at fixed times and random times.  They usually have intent behind them, for example intending to relax or preparing for sleep.

Science says rituals are more rational than they might seem.  Even basic rituals can be powerful.  Rituals can lessen worries and damp down grief, help you performed difficult tasks, reduce anxiety and increase your confidence.  Oddly, they even benefit people who don’t believe they work.  Give people a ‘lucky’ object and they perform better than when they’re given the same object with no ‘luck’ attached to it.  Rituals really do have a powerful causal impact on our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Why you need winter rituals for relaxation

We live indoors, in heated homes but winter can still be a difficult time for the body and mind.  The cold, the strong winds, the rain and sleet, hail and snow and the dark mornings and evenings all take a toll.  Our skin and lips dry out, our hair gets all fly-away and the short days wreak havoc with our mental balance, metabolism, mood, hormones and sleep.  Our natural Vitamin D levels plummet, too.  They’re all good reasons to step up the self-care and wellness for winter.  So how exactly can you achieve a lovely healthy balance and be in harmony with nature in the big chill?

Take vitamin D supplements or get a SAD lamp

Scientists say the only vitamin or mineral supplement worth taking is Vitamin D, because so few people in the northern hemisphere get enough Vitamin D in winter, and that’s why so many of us feel depressed at this time of year. Alternatively buy an anti-SAD UV light lamp to sit in front of in the mornings, giving you the sunlight substitute you need to feel perkier, happier, more lively and more alive whatever the weather. 

Start your day tech-free

If you’re in the habit of switching on your phone the second you get up, diving right into the news and getting busy on social media, this is a great time of year to let it lie.  Allow yourself to enter the new day gently and gradually.  Maybe listen to music instead of putting morning TV on, perhaps just relish the silence and the peace while you prepare for the day.  When you end your day the same tech-free way you’ll find you’re more relaxed, more chilled and better able to drift off into a nourishing sleep.  

Light scented candles to signify the end of the day

Real flames do a lot to cheer us up, even when it’s a few scented candles to brighten the winter gloom and make it seem exciting rather than depressing.  Light some up and love the scent, relaxing into a state of calm happiness.

Make bath time a real treat

Dark evenings mean there’s more time to treat yourself.  Make bath time into a beautiful, leisurely ritual with essential oils and bath salts, bath bombs and bubbles.  Take a good book with you, or a hot drink, or play music while you’re bathing.  Then treat yourself to some luxurious skin products to help you feel soft, fragrant and wonderfully sleepy.

Be grateful for everything good in life

Problems and worries tend to feel bigger when it’s dark.  Spend time feeling grateful for all the wonderful things in your life, everything from friends and family to a warm place to sleep, pets you love, a job you enjoy, anything and everything that makes your life special.  It’s amazing how good you feel after practising gratitude for a few minutes every morning and evening.

Treat winter the Scandinavian way with hygge and friluftsliv  

The Scandinavian idea of hygge is more popular than ever, a Danish concept created around the idea of quiet comfort.  It’s a home decor thing as well as an emotional attitude, creating a winter home full of plush textures, greenery and warm neutral colours.  The end result is extreme cosiness, famed for supporting the wellbeing of people in the freezing cold, dark Nordic weather.  Can you do that at home?

And how about Friluftsliv?  It’s also Nordic, dating back to the 1800s and enjoyed by Swedes, Danes and Norwegians.  It means living a ‘fresh-air life’, embracing the great outdoors whatever the weather, being active in it and immersing yourself in nature.  Listen to the wind, watch the clouds and feel yourself responding to nature in the same ancient way our ancestors did.  The theory is that it taps into our hunter-gatherer origins, which is why it makes us feel so good.  Wrap up warm and out you go, even if it’s just for a brisk walk around the block or the park.

Bring nature indoors  

Bring nature indoors with beautiful houseplants and spend time looking after them to feel the benefits of greenery without venturing outdoors. S pray them regularly, nip off dead leaves and appreciate their extraordinary beauty close up in detail.  There are plenty of plants that enjoy being in darker conditions indoors, for example rainforest plants and they also help keep the indoor air fresh and clean.

Create a special winter skincare and hair care routine

When you look good, you feel good.  Cold weather can have a profound effect on your skin and hair, drying it out and leaving it looking dull and tired.  This is no time for summery oil-free serums, it’s time to change your routine to include more hydrating moisturisers, hydrating lip balms and hydrating hair masks like our gorgeous real Mulberry Silk Hair Turbans.

You might like to try the latest spa wellness craze, dry brushing.  It’ll increase your circulation, leaving you with softer, smoother skin and exfoliating dead skin, to leave you feeling invigorated and energised.  All you do is use a natural-bristle brush or a dry loofah to gently scrub your skin and remove flakes and dry patches, revealing a brighter complexion.  Over time it’ll speed up the turnover of your cells, helping minimise the signs of ageing.

Enjoy our lovely wellness, relaxation and sleep products

We have so many deliciously pretty, effective and luxurious products designed for better sleep, relaxation and wellness.  Take a look here for unique pure silk sleep masks, massaging slippers, pillowcases, water bottles, hair turbans, eye pillows, face pillows, hair bands and more, all perfect for creating lovely rituals to banish the winter blues. 


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