Tell us….

Q. What can’t you start your day without?

A. My cup of hot water and lemon followed by my earl grey tea and a quiet few minutes sipping it

Q. Breakfast is?

A. Over-night soaked porridge with almond milk, a spoon of coconut oil, flax seeds and some raw honey

Q. What beauty product can you not live without?

A. Root and Flower’s Cardamon and Coconut Body Cream - heaven

Q.What gets you going for the day? (exercise / wellbeing routine)

A. My perfect start to the day is an early walk in the park followed with a little meditation

Q. Where you are most inspired?

A. I have a number of happy places that always inspire me, more than often these will always be outside in nature and the sunshine

Q. What cause are you currently championing?

A. This year I launched a book with my sister, Katia Narian Phillips titled ‘Self Care for the real world’. We would really like to go into schools with our book and help teenagers with self-care. We both had such a difficult time as teenagers time and we often hear from readers whose teenage children are reading their copies and really enjoying it.

Q. Where is your happy place?

A. I have a few that are my secrets in nature, but my home is my true happy place. It’s the place I can totally switch off and relax.

Q. How do you relax and switch off?

A. Usually a hot bath with aromatherapy oils and epsom salts, I always tailor the scents to suit my mood.
Music also plays a big part in helping me relax and once I’ve had a bath I try not to look at my phone again that evening.

Q. Book or Boxset – what are you reading/watching?

A. I just finished watching ‘End of the Fxxxing World’ and loved it and I’m just about to start ‘How to be human’ by the brilliant Ruby Wax

Q. Your bedtime routine?

A. My bedtime ritual is very important to me. I first ensure I have my bedroom all ready from when I get home, I make sure my clothes are neatly put away, lights dimmed and candles burning. After dinner I’ll have a bath and in to bed with a cup of mint tea and a book. It sounds so boring but I love it. I am out every evening this week and all I want to do is be in bed with my book!

Read more about Nadia, her work and the videos she finds inspiring on her website
Nadia and her sister Katia have spent decades helping others to feel their best. But it took them a bit longer to learn to care for themselves. In their new book ‘Self Care for the Real World’ they share the small, achievable steps they picked up on a lifetime’s journey towards self-care. See more at



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