Invest in yourself – You really are worth it!  

‘You get what you pay for’.  It’s a wise saying and it’s almost always true.  Unless you’re lucky enough to land yourself an enormous bargain, quality counts.  Our products aren’t throw-away.  They’re neither cheap nor nasty.  They’re well made, very beautiful and highly effective.  So why should you pay more for our products than you do for lesser alternatives?  Read on to find out.

This isn’t fast fashion – it’s lovely and slow

Fast fashion is a contemporary scandal.  Cheap clothing is made for next to nothing in difficult and often unfair working environments that simply wouldn’t be allowed in the UK.  The materials are poor quality and the price you pay is super-low.  You buy it, you wear it a few times, then you throw it away.

In today’s world, where we all need to be sensitive to waste and make the most of what we’ve got, throw-away products aren’t acceptable.  Our products are a lot more than simply gorgeous.  They’re designed to be cherished, cared for and used time and time again.  And that alone helps to make everything we create environmentally responsible.  When a product is created to last, it comes with better environmental credentials.

Indulgence sits at the heart of everything we do

Rather than being wasteful of the earth’s resources, we like to indulge our customers.  Indulgence doesn’t mean constantly buying replacements.  It means buying the best quality in the first place, caring for it and appreciating it.  Yes, we’re all about sheer, unadulterated, lovely luxury.  But it’s luxury with a clear conscience.      

Long-lasting, beautifully crafted products

Let’s use our popular sleep masks as an example.  You can buy other sleep masks of course, but ours sit at the centre of a collection of wellness products for sleep and relaxation created with a long, useful life in mind.

Pure Mulberry Silk is the best quality silk you can buy.  The ergonomic design of the mask is an award-winner as well as being beautiful.  The naturally non-absorbent pure silk lining actively helps prevent the skin creases and wrinkles you can get after a night’s sleep, which take longer to fade away as we get older.  The silk also prevents dehydration, leaving your skin wonderfully soft and smooth.  No wonder it’s recommended by dermatologists as a great addition to a bed time skincare routine. 

Beautiful materials

Pure Mulberry Silk is the very best quality silk of all.  We opt for high quality 22 momme Mulberry Silk as it not only looks great, but importantly, it feels good too.  Any higher and the fabric begins to feel stiff, which no-one wants!   Mulberry Silk is famous for being friction-free.  This means it cuts down the damage to your skin at night time by as much as 50% compared to cotton, which can be surprisingly rough.  The same goes for your hair, which also deserves great protection.  That’s why Mulberry Silk is so highly recommended by beauty experts and hair stylists.

Real silk contains a protein, Serecin, which is very like those in our hair and skin.  This supports hydration.  And pure silk of this high quality is naturally hypoallergenic, perfect when your skin is sensitive.  When we add lavender to the equation, for example the lavender contained in our hugely popular Pure Mulberry Silk Lavender Eye Mask, the effect is enhanced.  The mask is beautifully scented with real Lavender flowers without the prickly stems and leaves and the subtle fragrance makes you feel even more relaxed.

Do you get all this from an ordinary low-cost sleep mask?  In a word, no!  

Delightful designs

There’s more.  Our silk sleep masks are super-sized and generously designed.  This means they don’t rest on the delicate area of skin around your eyes, causing discomfort and damage to the skin. Instead, they rest gently on your cheekbones.  The design blocks out all light as well, which means your sleep is even deeper and more restorative.  Great design also means soft real velvet ties, which give you a lovely fit every time.  Once you’ve tied your mask in the ideal position, all you do is slip it on and off.  

The same goes for our gorgeous pure Mulberry Silk Hair Turban.  Because the most glossy, smooth side of the fabric sits next to your hair, it’s great for hydration – which means there’s no frizz and fewer split ends.  When you tend to wake up with hair that looks like a nest, it’s a truly wonderful product.  Better still, it helps keep your fabulous new blow dry or straightening treatment looking fantastic for longer.  Plus, whilst trying to grab some sun during the summer it’s the perfect way to protect hair from the damaging rays.

There are no uncomfortable knots, ties or fastenings.  Just a clever front twist and a tiny strip of elastic at the nape, creates an exceptionally soft and comfy fit.  Because it’s machine washable at 30°, it’s easy to keep in perfect condition.  As you can see, when every aspect of a product is created with such care and dedication, the end result is the ultimate in responsible luxury. 

Every product in our range looks beautiful, works perfectly ... and lasts

When you buy top quality you spend less in the long term.  The products you buy last well and keep working for their entire lifetime, which is a long one.  Because everything about them is luxurious, carefully thought through and made so well, they become an integral part of your daily beauty and relaxation regime.

Invest in the best - and relax

Insist on the best looks, design and materials and enjoy sleep and relaxation products like no other. This is where luxury delivers lifestyle changes you’ll adore.  You really are worth it!




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