I have to admit that I will occasionally walk past other people’s gardens and think, “I wish my apple tree were that fruitful.”

Then I remember that I did not fertilise my trees.

Or I think I wish the leaves of my citrus trees were that shade of vibrant green, then I remember that I didn’t spray my trees for citrus leaf minor.

I was going to, but…

I will witness an advanced yoga pose and think, “I wish I could do it like that”, and then I remember I have not practised the preparation poses to warrant the advancement.

I was going to, but…

I wrote a piece called “the grass is greener where…” a few years ago, and like most life lessons, it has come around again.

I recently had a client who was upset that she did not get the promotion she was after.  She came onto the call very angry with the women who did get the promotion.

She kept saying there was nothing different about how they worked, their results were the same, and they both worked well with their respective teams.

“Why did she get promoted over me, she spends half her time away at conferences, and I pick up the slack.”

“What sort of conferences?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s a skills program initiative the company has, she goes every year, and I have to carry her workload.”

“That is curious that as a senior leader in the company you were not invited along too?”  I said.

“I was going to, but…”, she replied.

We all have situations in our lives where we look at someone else’s job, someone else’s opportunities, someone else’s apples, and wonder, “Why them and not me?”

But when was the last time you fertilised your apples?

“The grass is greener where we water it.” – unknown

Happy watering! Xxx

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