Life is full of mystery and wonderment.

Many mystics contemplate and philosophise on subjects such as these - Where do we come from? How long have we been here? What is life? Is there meaning to life? Or is it all just a random coincidence? 

Whatever your thoughts are on this, I think they are important questions we might like to ask ourselves on a regular basis.  They are checking in questions and create perfect settings for a meditation.  These are enquiries that may lead to possible meditations which may help us reach our highest potentials.  They may help us form new ways of thinking, letting go of habits we've created for ourselves and could help us get rid of old ways that no longer serve us and do not fulfil our purpose.

"Sometimes letting go is an act far greater than defending or hanging on" ~ Eckhart Tolle

I find myself contemplating on such things when the sky is clear and the moon bright.   I almost wonder if it is the moon making me think these deep thoughts.  There is nothing more awe-inspiring and wonder-full than a night sky, especially with a big moon staring right back down at us.  Somehow I don't feel alone on nights of moon and star gazing.  These nights make me remember the many friends I have, sprawled out over this globe and I feel connected to them.  Connected to nature and to that force that lies beyond our control, the elements.  

In a few months I shall be moving to the Swiss Alps for some fresh mountain air and wonderful views and my yoga journey will continue with a slightly different back drop.  I will be setting up several retreats with the snoconnells in Engelberg breathing fresh air, absorbing prana (life force) and recharging my depleted battery, so that I and those around me can live and breathe this thing called life in a more harmonious and peaceful way. 

For now, I leave you to wonder more.


... and ponder this life you've been given with as much awe and excitement as you are able to muster.  In doing so, I'm hoping we will all reach our highest potential as human beings.

SAMiRAYOGA teaches Restorative Yoga for health and wellbeing, Vinyasa Flow yoga for strength and flexibility and Meditation for a calm mind.

She runs bespoke day retreats and workshops in LONDON and is now teaching Yoga in the Swiss Alps, retreats in ENGELBERG. 

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