Valentine's Day Gifts

Holistic Silk – Valentine’s Gift Guide - Oooh I Love To Love You Baby

Whether it’s a dreamy Silk Eye Mask, decadent Yoga Rug Mat or a Lavender Make Up Bag, we assure you that a luxurious Holistic Silk treat will inject some loving feeling into the day.

Not sure what to buy? We’ve devised the perfect guide, based on your loved one’s very own loves.

The Sleep Lover

Typically asleep by 9:30pm most nights, this well rested creature has a pyjama collection to die for and won’t lay down on anything below a 1000 Egyptian cotton thread count. They have no problems drifting off yet embrace anything that enhances the pure bliss of a peaceful night’s slumber.

Recommended Gifts

Our Eye Masks, suitable for both men and women, is the perfect sleep accessory, combining achingly soft silk, ultimate light banishing powers and the optional super soporific scent of lavender.

Choose from a delectable variety of colours and styles including, Pure Silk, Limited Edition, a simple One Strap or a bespoke monogrammed beauty. 

The Exercise Lover

Frequently found lifting, heaving, jumping and squeezing, this gym bunny isn’t happy unless they’ve worked up a serious sweat. They keep fit to look good and feel fantastic but can regularly be found stretching out sore legs and resting weary muscles.

Recommended Gift

Our Massaging Slippers provide aching muscles with sweet relief. Super light and made from gorgeous silk brocade, specially crafted nodules massage the feet and send soothing signals across the entire body, whilst magnets on the insoles aid pain relief, improve circulation and boost the metabolism. 

The Yoga Lover

Cut them and they bleed green juice, this meditation loving yogi can bend their body into a variety of shapes without batting an eyelid. Conscious of the evocative power of scent, they love to carve out precious time for themselves in a peaceful location.

Recommended Gift

A lightly lavender scented, fleece lined, luxury Yoga Rug Mat will take their restorative yoga practice to a heavenly new level.  It comes in a decadent range of colours including jade, pink, silver, gold and with an optional peacock print.

The Relaxation Lover

This cool customer appreciates the value of proper downtime in order to perform at their very best. Long hot baths, rejuvenating walks and guided meditation are part of their routine and they’re always on the lookout for new ways to switch off and unwind.

Recommended Gift

Our Lavender Eye Pillow and new Full Face Pillow are ideal aromatic relaxation tools.  Perfect for using during meditation or as part of your edtime routine both of these will make a ten minute time out feel like an hours sleep.  

Happy Valentine’s Day x

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