Father's Day

Happy Father's Day – Give The Gift Of A Good Night's Sleep

From those new baby sleep deprived nights, staying up with us when we were sick, checking for Freddy Kruger under the bed, picking us up from parties when we couldn’t get a real taxi, educating us on the best bands from the 1970s until well past midnight, remaining on high alert until our keys jangled in the front door at dawn…

Whatever your age it’s likely that you owe your pops some precious sleep, and if you’ve got a new daddy in your life then we’re certain that a deep and restorative sleep is at the top of his wish list this Father’s Day.

Perfect for all the sleepy dads out there, our beautifully crafted Men’s Eye Mask features a super-size design that rests gently on the cheekbones and forehead, making it feel especially luxurious and comfortable, while banishing out any pesky light and enhancing sleep with a snooze inducing lavender scent.

The perfect companion for night time, after Sunday lunch nap times, ad-hoc baby is sleeping times and travelling for work times, the Men’s Eye Mask is available in a geometric print for disco daddies, beautiful Black Leaf or Sandy Ray Liberty print or a solid colour for classic dads and comes in bespoke monogramed, one strap,  anti-ageing or unscented.

Whilst unfortunately we can’t guarantee its abilities to soothe crying babies, stop excitable toddlers from jumping on the bed or encourage music loving teens to ‘turn that infernal racket down!’ our Men’s Eye Mask offers a perfectly luxurious treat to help dads feel super special.

Happy Father’s Day! Xx

Men's Eye Mask
Men's Eye Mask

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