Flying Long-Haul

Flying Long-Haul: Making the Most of your Time in the Sky

If you’re jetting to sun-soaked climes this summer then this one’s for you. We’ve collected our Holistic Silk holiday heroes - the perfect travel accessories that will banish long-haul blues and see you through your sojourn in the sky.

Popping our Lavender Eye MaskMassaging Slippers and Anti- Aging Silk Pillow Case into your carry-on, and following our tips below for enhancing your time at altitude, will help you enjoy a first-class in-flight experience whatever your airfare, we promise.

Treat your tootsies to a holiday of their own

You’ve navigated the pesky security queues and probably fallen prey to the siren call of duty-free. Everyone’s strapped in and where they should be, so it’s time to slip off your shoes and treat your feet with our luxurious Massaging Slippers.  

Small enough to slip into the pocket on your hand luggage and weighing a max 170g these super comfy slippers can help improve circulation and are perfect for padding around the cabin in opulent style as you stretch your legs and perform your in-flight exercises, which are a must for a healthy flight.

Avoid too many boozy visits from the drinks trolley

The lure of the drinks trolley is super tempting but it’s important to guzzle heaps of water and not too much gin.  Alcohol in a pressurised cabin might give you a sassy little buzz at first due to its increased effects, but it will also leave you feeling even more dehydrated than usual. 

Popping some Water Crystals into your water will encourage you to drink more and help you stay hydrated and refreshed by bringing a positive, energetic structure to it, meaning you arrive at your destination perfectly perky instead of mildly hungover.

Choose your in-flight entertainment wisely

We find that the longer the flight, the larger the film and TV selection, which provides a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the rom-com's that our partner refuses to watch or delve into a juicy new series. Do, however, remember that you’re in a tightly confined space.

We once made the mistake of choosing The Bridges of Madison County and were snivelling and snorting over the Atlantic so loudly that the uncomfortable looks from fellow passengers prompted us to switch it off.  We never did find out what happens to Meryl Streep in the end.

Enjoy a restorative snooze

There are two types of people in life – people who can’t sleep on aeroplanes and those who can.  Whichever camp you are in our Lavender Eye Mask will have you snoozing like you're already on a sun lounger, thanks to its ability to block out light and induce sleepiness with its dreamy lavender scent.  

Bringing along a pillow swathed in an Anti- Ageing Silk Pillow Case will boost your sleep even further, providing the optimum luxurious comfort, allowing you to awake fresh faced with no nasty creases.  And if you use it when you arrive at your destination you will also enjoy frizz free hair and no morning pillow creases on your face during your whole trip.

Embrace your creative side

Try making the most of your time in the air - one of the few remaining places free from the demands of buzzing phones and laptops.

Staring out at the clouds, free from any distraction is ideal for getting the creative juices flowing and sketching out ideas for that blog post or screenplay that you've always wanted to write, or even just have a good think about what you want from your sunshine break.

See you by the pool. 

Flying Long-Haul
Flying Long-Haul

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