Festivals 2017

Feeling The Festival Love

Port Eliot Festival 

Holistic Silk: ‘Instant Retreat’

26th - 29th July 2018

St. Germans, Cornwall

Venue: Lark’s Haven.

Find us luxuriating in our ‘Instant Retreat’ with festival hero products including our award winning Lavender Eye Masks, luxury Yoga Rug Mats, Silk Sleeping Cocoons and Silk Pillow Cases.

“ Come and Relax, try our products and make every night your best night’s sleep.”


We love a festival. Channelling our inner Mossy at Glastonbury circa 2005 and running around in hot pants and sequins, guzzling afternoon fizz in the sunshine, paying £15 for burgers and forgetting about real life for a couple of days, is a huge part of what summer’s all about.

But just because we’re at a festival doesn’t mean that we let our self-care standards slip, au contraire.  Even the most luxurious of huts and yurts can come with out of tune guitar playing neighbours, 24/7 dance music pounding from adjacent fields and light pouring in at dawn, just as we’ve clumsily removed our welly boots and settled down to snooze.

That’s why right up there with suntan lotion, baby wipes, lipstick (oh yes, a camping essential) and ear plugs, we’ve got a selection of Holistic Silk festival heroes to help ensure that we look and feel our very rock and roll super model best, even on four hours sleep.

The Holistic Silk Festival Survival Shopping List

Classic Lavender Eye Mask

If you’re returning to your tent just as the sun comes up, then slipping on a luxurious lavender eye mask will block out the daylight and encourage relaxation so that you can enjoy some beauty sleep, required for all those pouty Instagram snaps that you’ll be taking in a few hours.

Massaging Slippers

While you’re napping, give those tired dancing feet a break and slip on our beautiful massing slippers. The nodules on the soles will massage your feet and sooth aching legs. They’re also, perfect for keeping the tent clean and free from nasty welly boot mud.  

Lavender Eye Pillow

If you got a little over excited at the bar last night then pop on an eye pillow and take 20 minutes to relax as your pounding headache melts away under a gently weighted cooling pillow, filled with soothing lavender.

On long journeys home banish the post festival blues by popping on a pillow, lying back and listening to your favourite tunes from the weekend.

Magnetic Wand

Bubbles and fizz are all well and good but what you should really be guzzling at a festival is water and lots of it. Pop in a Magnetic Wand to help restore the vitality, natural healing and flavour of water.  After some energised rehydration, you’ll be raring to go again.

Yoga Rug Mat

Ensure a dreamy sleep under the stars by laying our Yoga Rug Mat underneath your sleeping bag for added comfort and a touch of in-tent luxury. With stunning designs, a non-slip faux leather base and cosy fleece on top, plus super convenient handle for carrying, you’ll be the envy of the campsite.

Silk Sleeping Cocoon

Turn up your luxury festival experience to the max by sleeping inside a cocoon of pure silk. Cooling and rehydrating at the same time, this acts as a sleeping bag liner for a truly decadent, even better than satin sheets, experience. 

Happy festival-ing! Xxx 

Festivals 2017

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