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 The world we're living in is so very different, so very strange, but we're gradually getting used to the ‘new normal’. 

Once upon a time face masks were only seen in countries like Japan, Korea and China and rarely, if ever, worn in the UK.  Now we are all wearing face coverings and the choice has expanded dramatically.  These days you can buy masks that not only work hard to help keep other people safe, they also look beautiful. 

Covid-19 has become endemic like flu and that means face coverings might be with us for a long time.  On the bright side Holistic Silk’s Pure Silk Face Mask is designed with effectiveness, style and beauty in mind.  We created our masks in 2016 so we’ve had a long design process to perfect them.  Joanna, our creator, was inspired as usual by the Far East and saw that face coverings were a thing and probably were going to be needed here sometime in the future.  So she created the most beautiful and effective ones possible, integrating Carbon Filters to not only filter pollution but other air borne nuisances too.  We now have a comprehensive, stunning collection of designs and colours of face coverings to choose from.

 Find out below why our Silk Face Masks are just as practical as they are elegant….. 

Why wear a face covering? 

Science says face masks keep other people safe from Covid infection.  When we all wear our face masks we protect each other from the tiny virus particles that can be easily spread by infected people when breathing and talking.  And that means a mask is more than protection, it is also a kind of social glue that helps stick us together in difficult times, helping us feel we're all in the same boat. 

The best face coverings are washable and re-usable because they are much better for the environment.

Some, like ours, come with a special pouch so you can add your own charcoal filters or other types of extra protection.  You want a mask that fits well, ideally available in different sizes so it looks good and works properly.  And it is wise to buy several masks so you always have a clean one ready when you need it.       

Our gorgeous reusable Silk Face Coverings - perfect to wear, wash and re-use

 Your skin deserves face masks that not only serve their purpose to protect you but also care for your skin too instead of damaging it, masks that feel lovely and comfortable, not itchy and scratchy.  Masks that are actually a pleasure to wear.  We are all being asked to wear face coverings, so we might as well invest in a beautiful one too. 

Silk and your skin – a magical story

Pure Silk is famed for being kind to human skin, and pure Mulberry Silk is the finest quality silk of all.   Silk protects, as well as being comfortable, cool and breathable.  According to the respected Manhattan dermatologist Dr Dendy Engelman, consultant dermatologist for Elizabeth Arden (source: The Guardian), Silk face masks are the best for your skin.  She coined the term 'maskne' – mask acne - to describe the symptoms suffered by patients who wore PPE at work, experiencing breakouts, friction sores, blocked pores and irritated skin during the Covid-19 crisis.  It's great to know pure Silk doesn't cause maskne. 

Silk causes the least friction of all, so is less damaging than any other fabric and perfect for calming dry and sensitive skin.  It helps prevent little wounds developing on the skin of your cheeks and nose that heal over, then clog up your pores and cause spots.  The material breathes and feels cool, so doesn't cause skin problems around the chin area. 

It's important to choose a face covering soft enough to sit on your skin without causing any discomfort.  The more uncomfortable you are, the more likely you are to touch your face and fiddle with your mask.  Silk is ideal.  And because masks fit closely to your face, some people can also have problems with moisture from breathing, which makes your skin humid.  Silk doesn't increase humidity - in fact it does the opposite and keeps you dry and cool. 

As well as being ideal for ordinary skin, as Doctor Adil Sheraz, a consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation, told The Independent, “A silk mask with multiple layers would be ideal for sensitive acne-prone skin.” 

As you can see, our Pure Silk Face Coverings are totally gorgeous as well as hard-working.  Here are some of their fabulous properties.  

  • Designed to cover your mouth and nose properly for maximum protection 
  • Perfect tailoring
  • Fully washable face covering in 100% pure Mulberry Silk, perfect because we need to wash our masks after use to get rid of bacteria, mould, virus particles, dust and grime
  • Soft, gently elasticated Silk-covered ear loops for a super comfortable fit
  • Two disposable active carbon sheets included with every mask – filtering non-visible particle matter up to PM2.5 in size, 30 times smaller than the width of a human hair.  Each filter lasts for 30 days
  • Replacement filters available on our website
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Kind to your skin, with none of the troublesome spots and flaws that can develop when you wear synthetic or even cotton masks
  • Six colourful patterned versions to choose from, each with a stunningly lovely print
  • Six fashionable plain heritage-style colours, each as pretty as the next
  • Available in medium and large
  • Dimensions including the 4cm chin flap: medium approx 24cm x 14.5cm (our original size) and large approx 28cm x 15.5cm
  • Every rechargeable (what does she mean by that?) face mask comes with a pretty, storage bag
  • Hand washable with a gentle detergent, dry naturally – don't forget to take the carbon filter out of the mask before washing or dry cleaning it
  • They are not synthetic throw-away disposables, so they're a lot better for our environment – you won't see our beautiful masks discarded along the roadside or blowing around the streets

Our Silk Face Coverings are not medical grade, so we can't say they're 100% effective against infection and pollution.  But they do offer top quality non-medical protection on an everyday basis, which is marvellous. 

Beautiful frame for your eyes – The windows to your soul!

In our brave new world where masks are a must, our eyes and brows are more important than ever.  When our mouths are hidden, all we have are our eyes to communicate all those micro-expressions, the subtle facial communications we take for granted.  Our pretty Silk Face Masks are the aesthetic opposite of the basic medical mask we see so often – they actually make a lovely frame for your eyes, a frame for the eloquent windows to your soul. 

Comfortable, stylish and hygienic silk face covering

So that's the story behind our fabulous 100% Silk washable face coverings.  If you'd like to take face masks to a new, sophisticated and elegant level, they're perfect.  Great to wear, lovely on your skin, easy to care for, practical, and extremely pretty.

Stay safe, be well - Seems like we’ll be following coroniquette for the foreseeable too 😊 x

See our full range of Silk Face Coverings here

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