Sometimes, nope, often, it’s the little things…

It’s the warmth of a steaming cup of coffee lazily enjoyed in bed on a Sunday morning.  The unadulterated joy of hanging up a new air freshener in a just-cleaned car.  The glorious smell of an apple crumble baking in the oven as you step indoors from the cold.

Turns out that, dun-dun-dun, it’s not the big, showy, fly me to New York and gift me a thousand puppies, blow-out experiences that make life magical, although, obviously they are encouraged.  It’s actually the small daily stuff that makes life consistently great.

Once in a lifetime experiences are fabulous, you see, but we’re very much here for enjoying the everyday, like all 27,375 days of them.

So how do we make each day sparkle like the delicious precious jewels that they are?  Yep, even the drizzly Tuesdays spent at work catching up on our expenses.

It's by making the 'small stuff' even more enjoyable and enriching it with beautiful rituals, traditions and habits that tickle our senses, from the buttery softest of touch to the most evocative of scents.

But here's the thing - to properly enjoy these types of experiences you have to be in the moment.  Are you in the moment right now?

If you’re at your desk dreaming of poolside daiquiris or flashing ahead to tomorrow in your mind instead of carpe dieming (it is so a verb,) then pause, sit back, unclench that jaw of yours and take a lovely deep breath down into your belly.

Now that we've lovingly wrestled you into the present moment, here are some gorgeous experiences that you can weave into your everyday life, focussing on your super sweet sleep time.

Yep, that's right, gorgeous experiences while you sleep.  We're good to you, aren't we?!

Enriching Your Sleep Experience

Getting ready for bed and going to sleep.  You do it every single night.  OK, unless you’re a crazy party animal or a shift worker.

Here you have a few precious hours carved out each night just for you, just for resting, repairing and revitalising your busy body and mind.  Sleep is a gift lovely reader and you can enhance it even further.

Key to this magical time is engaging the senses through the sleep-inducing scent of Lavender, which you will find in our Deeply Relaxing Scented Candle also spiked with Jasmine and Basil essential oils.

Burn this in the bathroom as you bathe, brush your teeth and go through your evening skincare routine for some serious five-star spa vibes and have another burning in your bedroom for when you slip into your pyjamas and enjoy your night time reading or journaling.

Breathe deeply and enjoy this quiet time.  The great thing about scent is that it's so powerful you will soon come to associate the smell of Lavender with feeling sleepy, so a whiff of the good stuff will take you to this relaxed happy place, even when you're tightly wound and a million miles from your dreamy bed.

Next up, incorporate the luxurious feeling of super soft silk into your night time routine, once again taking the whole sleep experience up a few notches and making it something you will look forward to each day.

Spend ten minutes letting a Lavender Eye Pillow massage the acupressure points for clarity and calm around your eye sockets before slipping on a Lavender Eye Mask to block out the light and keep those Melatonin levels high, the natural chemical vital to keeping you asleep, while you snuggle up to a silk velvet covered Hot Water Bottle to banish disturbing chills.

And for an all over treat, let our gorgeous Anti Ageing Silk Sleeping Cocoon envelope your body, its pampering smooth silk gliding over your skin to eliminate night-time skin damage, giving you the best and most luxurious beauty sleep of your life.

You've got to experience our beautiful products to believe them and then enjoy the best sleeps of your life.

Here's to amazing experiences every day (and night)! Xxx



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