The Austrian company Walde Seifen & Kerzen has been making fine hand made soaps for around 235 years.  Based in beautiful Innsbruck, it's a family-run business that loves to create the very best quality products. So why are our Austrian Beauty Bars so special?  

What are Austrian Beauty Bars?

Most ordinary soaps are made by blending fat or oil with a strong alkali, which can damage the skin by changing its pH, removing healthy bacteria – your biome, as the scientists call it – and stripping away the oils that keep you feeling lovely and supple and smooth.  Healthy skin has a pH of 5.5 or so, ever so slightly acidic, but most soaps have a much higher pH, sometimes as high as 11.

Our fragrant, smooth Austrian Beauty Bars are made with love, designed to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin, help lock in moisture and leave you with skin that's hydrated and smooth, lovely and soft.  No dryness and none of that dullness you get with everyday soap. 

Seven glorious hand made soaps to choose from

Choose from an enchanting collection of charcoal, salt, marigold, rose, avocado and lavender soap and make every bath, shower and splash in the sink a truly beautiful one. 

Every Beauty Bar has its own special qualities, as you can see hereeach created for different skin.  There's something for everyone and they're all gorgeous.

This time we thought we'd focus on our best selling charcoal soap, a mini-miracle for sensitive, oily skin that's easily irritated.  If that's you, our amazing charcoal beauty soap will help soothe your skin to improve its balance.  Here's how.

The magic of charcoal

Charcoal soap is designed especially for people with oily skin that tends to blemish easily, a common problem.  Our handmade charcoal Beauty Bar contains natural activated Carbon, which absorbs the oils, sebum, dirt and impurities that irritate the skin.  Added coconut, almond and olive oil enriched with Shea butter mean it also cleanses incredibly gently, not at all harsh.  

Charcoal is amazing.  It has been used by humans for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians made charcoal poultices to clean injuries and help them heal.  The Hindus used it to filter drinking water, something that's still done today.  And activated charcoal is used in modern water filters as well as in antidotes to things like snakebites. 

The benefits of charcoal soap

Charcoal soap works gently to ease oily skin, absorbing extra oil and dirt for a clean, glowing feel.  It removes dead skin cells, which can otherwise make your face look dull and patchy, leaving your skin clean and flawless.  If you struggle with acne, charcoal soap makes a difference, removing toxins and impurities and helping ease any scars.  Because it also moisturises and nourishes dry skin really well, it's a great all-rounder.

Outdoor-lovers adore charcoal soap since spending a lot of time outside in polluted, smoky, dusty city air means dirt gets stuck in your pores, making them stand out more.  Eventually, they can get completely blocked.  Charcoal soap removes the dirt and reduces the size of your pores so they're not as noticeable.

As we age our skin gets looser.  It's natural.  Luckily charcoal makes the skin firmer and tighter, and does it fast.  Best of all, it suits every kind of skin, even sensitive skin.  If yours tends to redden, charcoal soap will help ease the irritation.  And if premature ageing worries you, charcoal soap can help smooth away those tell-tale fine lines. 

One of the biggest problems treated by charcoal soap are blemishes.  The soap removes impurities and toxins from the skin and exfoliates brilliantly well.  Which means it also benefits people with Psoriasis and Eczema, a soothing treat for dry, cracked skin.  And last but not least if you love a beautiful bathroom, charcoal soap looks so stylish and dramatic! 

How does black charcoal soap feel?

Our black charcoal soap produces a fabulously luxurious, rich lather, which pampers your skin in the most marvellous way. Why not treat yourself to a bar or two and enjoy brighter, smoother, softer skin with less oil and fewer blemishes?  As the adverts say, you're worth it!

Once you use these beautiful handmade soaps, you won't go back.  Not only do they work wonders, but you can also rest easy knowing you are doing your bit using less packaging, no plastic pump bottles here.  And take it from those in the know, one of our faithful customers - Nico Mead, Owner of Pencarrow Events, "My skin is super sensitive and I really struggle with other soaps/body washes,  This Beauty Bar left my skin feeling amazing - so soft and nourished.  I won't go back now.  It really is heaven in a bar."


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