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Ageing The Holistic Silk Way

How you approach your advancing years is also deeply personal. For some, the first signs of crow’s feet equals a speedy trot to the Botox clinic. For others, we look at pictures from our early 20’s and breathe a sigh of relief that our eyebrows have finally grown in.

It’s for you alone to decide how to age.  If that’s three facelifts and floating around your house in a silk kimono with a fluffy pooch in your arms then go with it.  If you opt for subtle injections that make you feel fantastic then all power to you.

Many of our favourite older ladies are the ones who’ve shunned needles in favour of ageing naturally.

Instead of fillers, what shows on their face is a life well lived. Hints of the odd champagne fuelled party that went on after midnight, unapologetic laughter lines from years spent with people who bring true joy.

Ageing naturally means ageing beautifully and that’s the Holistic Silk way. We believe that taking care of yourself now gives you the best chance of a healthy and happy old age, which will have you shining from within for years to come.

Sleep Well

Oh the power of a fantastic sleep! We’re talking about a truly restorative, eight hours of bliss. Research shows that sleeping under five hours a night can shorten your lifespan. Never mind the under eye bags and horrible feeling of sleep deprivation.

We’ve written a whole blog on how to integrate a peaceful night-time ritual into your routine and we also have the perfect accessories to ensure that your beauty sleep remains exactly that.

Our dreamy, Anti Ageing Silk Eye Mask, comes laced with a potent lavender scent and snooze inducing ability to block out any distracting light sources. As it’s so beautifully smooth, there will be no nasty pillow creases around your gentle eye area when you awake, plus your expensive creams will stay on your face and not be smeared all over your bedsheets.

Protect Your Peepers

Our favourite sleeping position (scrunched into a ball on our side, since you asked) means that one half of our face is often squashed into the pillow every night. It’s been shown that over time, as our skin loses elasticity, the pillow marks will eventually show themselves as lines.

The perfect antidote to this is our Anti Ageing Silk Pillowcase. Made of hypoallergenic 100% satin silk, this luxurious pillow case brings old school movie star glamour vibes to the bedroom and more importantly, it protects your skin as you sleep.  You’ll wake up looking just as refreshed as you feel.  

Care For Your Hands

It's often said that it's our hands that betray our age. No wonder, just think of all the hard work they do. Treat them with the loving care they deserve by slathering them in lotion and then popping them in our Silk Moisturising Gloves

Specially designed to enhance your favourite moisturising cream, simply slip them on while you sleep or work and then slip off a few hours later to reveal plump, youthful skin. 

Stay Hydrated

Water is said to be the key to anti ageing, so ensure that that you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Dehydration shows from the inside out through dry, parched, skin. There’s no point in slathering on moisturising creams if your skin cells are lacking hydration so make an effort to monitor how much water you’re guzzling – coffee and gin don’t count unfortunately.

Not only do we ensure that we stay hydrated, we make drinking water even more beneficial with the addition of Water Crystals.   A powerful blend of Amethyst, Chalcedony, Ocean Jasper, Rose Quartz and Fossilised Wood provides a healing, cleansing, uplifting and grounding crystal tonic.

Keep Moving

Move it or lose it sister. You don’t have to pound the pavements every night or spend hours sweating in a gym but keeping your body moving will bring many benefits for your body and mind as you get older.

Incorporating some simple stretches or yoga practice into your everyday routine is an excellent way to remain supple and toned.  Plus, it gives you some valuable daily headspace for relaxation and meditation.

To make it even more enjoyable, try our super luxurious Yoga Rug Mat. Available in a selection of opulent colours and styles, these mats are lined with lavender and fleece and are so beautiful that you’ll actually look forward to your daily exercises.

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