A Yoga Kinda Life 

“Yoga is for everyone”
Why would I say this?  Well because I think that personal Yoga practice is the key to a more peaceful and balanced life.  One that I have achieved.  
I want everyone to know that you do not have to be deeply spiritual or a gymnast to be able to practice Yoga.  At my first Yoga lesson I remember being very excited and also a little bit afraid.  I doubted I would have enough power or be fit enough to follow the group since I had never really been a sporty type.  Having absolutely no idea that there were different styles of Yoga the ideas in my head were of difficult postures that I had once seen on social media…and I would never ever have been able to get my body into those shapes!
Thanks to the universe I was taught something better and felt absolutely amazing after that first Yoga lesson, even though I was busy observing the surroundings and focusing on what every other person in the group was doing more than on myself.  You know what?  It felt good!  So good that I wanted to practice more and more.
Due to my working schedule at the time I could not visit as many classes as I actually wanted to so I started to follow online Yoga classes, reading books and basically all I could find about all things Yoga. I was solely focused on the physical side at first but it didn’t take me long to realise what a huge impact my practice was having not only on my body but, probably even more so, on my mind. 
Long story short, what I really want to share with all of my students and with every one of you reading this is: 
• Yoga is not about how flexible you are
• It is not about getting into a handstand
• It is not about getting into the most difficult shape
• It is about discovering and accepting who you are
• It is being patient with yourself
• It is about observing your mind and body
• And most importantly, it is about falling in love with yourself
Of course Yoga requires a lot of physical practice but there are a variety of Asanas and options for every pose.  Please remember that when you see all of the beautiful Asanas on social media, that these are the result of a long journey, a lot of practice and even more patience to gain self-awareness of your own body.
For me the most important thing I want to share is that when you create time and space to fully focus on yourself is to not compare yourself with anyone else.  It is your body and only you will know what feels good for you.  With regular Yoga practice you will notice, how much more in touch you are with yourself and your body and learn what helps YOU to feel good.  Taking this time for yourself on your Yoga mat is taking time to build a connection between your mind and body that will help you to understand your inner voice.  
Yoga practice allows you to create a safe space allowing you to bring your deepest emotions to the surface and let go of things that don’t serve you anymore.  You will notice that your practice will feel different almost every time you hop on your mat and at the same time you will feel the connection between your mind and body.  Remember, if you are super busy, stressful and life is difficult that your practice will reflect that like a mirror.
So yes, Yoga is for everyone and every day is a good day to start Yoga!  You could start right now.  Create yourself a cosy space where you feel comfortable and start by observing your body and how it moves.  Sometimes just five minutes of practice will be enough, sometimes you may want to practice for ninety minutes.  Any amount of time is perfect if it makes you feel good.
I truly believe that if we all took more time to be aware of our feelings and emotions and take better care of our wellbeing we could make the world a better place.
Yoga is a journey of the self,
Through the self, 
to the self
- The Bhagavad Gita
Enjoy creating your “A Yoga kinda life”
Austrian Yoga teacher and founder of Island Yoga Fuertaventura Lisa Prugger spends her days sharing her love of yoga at her beach based classes in Costa Calma.  To read more about Lisa and her classes please visit her website or search @ayogakindalife on social media 



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