Dry puffy hair, check. Dull complexion, check. Clogged pores, oh dear honey, check.

Just as well I'm a Pure Silk Pillowcase, made from best of the best 100% mulberry silk, that’s obsessed with making everyone look fabulous.

My silky senses sprang into action as soon as I spotted Aurora's parched complexion as she unwrapped me from the luxurious packaging that had kept me snug during the voyage from the UK to Italy.

Who would have thought? Little old me in Italy, slurping apperativos in the balmy evening air along the Navigli Canal and schmoozing at lively fashion week parties surrounded by sparkling people in beautiful clothes.

Obviously, as a silk pillowcase I would be a little out of place in those situations, even with my gorgeous Hampton Wedding Liberty Print pattern, but luckily, I can live my best life through my owner Aurora.

A high-flying fashion buyer with style running through her perfect veins, she’s one of those amazing women who rides across Milan on a scooter in four-inch Gucci heels and is out every night meeting friends, partying and generally having a great time.

So, you can imagine my initial horror when I realised that this stylish, magnificent, oh so wonderfully on-trend creature was resting that beautiful Italian face of hers on a cotton pillowcase every night. Cotton! I’m covered in chills just telling you about it.

Now, don't get me wrong, cotton is a wonderful fabric. Some of my best friends are embroidered dresses made of cotton, but, darlings, you couldn't pay me enough euros to sleep on the stuff.

Why? Let’s put it this way, if you want a fabric to wick away all moisture from your hair and face, along with your expensive serums and creams, allowing them to work none of their magic while you sleep, then cotton is the pillow for you.

If, however, you want to awake with plump skin, free from creases with no nasty spots, and your gorgeous blow dry intact, then it’s a silk pillowcase that you need. Cool, soft and sumptuous, there’s a reason that we’re recommended by beauty therapists, plastic surgeons and even, ahem, Kardashians.

Silk, you see, is non-absorbent, so it will leave the moisture in your hair and face well alone and, crucially, it doesn't pick up as much pore-clogging bacteria as cotton does, leaving your face beautiful and blemish free.

Thanks to me, and her envy-inducing olive skin, Aurora now wakes up glowing every morning, no matter how late she was out quaffing Aperol spritz with her glitzy friends.

I’m so precious to her that she brings me along where ever she goes, so we’ve done long-haul flights and I’ve hung out in other fashion capitals, including New York, Paris and London.

According to Aurora lots of fashion people already know about the skin and hair enhancing qualities of a silk pillowcase, she feels a bit silly that it took so long to find me, but I forgive her of course…because she is fabulous darling!

Ciao Xxx

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